Posted on 23-10-2009
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Hey SEXsi’s its Fabulous Feature Friday!! I want to apologize for slackin on the blogs. I’ve been so crazy busy I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sit and get out my thoughts. I love twitter because I can be constantly updating with my thoughts, which we all know are random as hell. Lol. I love that question, what’s on your mind? Facebook doesn’t usually want to know what is really on my mind. Lol. I think I am a little to dirty for their corporate website. That’s probably why I got suspended. They are so annoying. It’s probably some crazy soccer mom hatin on me. Whatever. Myspace deleted me like 3 times. I have learned, so I thought I was doing good working within their guidelines. Guess not!! Haha! Anyways, do you all have any fun plans for the weekend? I am loving it up on the East Coast. I love and miss Florida so much when I am here. I really enjoy my time here. I am actually having a little down time before a friend of mine gets here so I decided to talk to you all. I wanted to feature for today my girl Bobbi Starr. She is such a hot ass girl. Literally, her booty is bangin’. So here is the write up of how the interview went down. She had me so hot and horny…lol. Loved it!

I opened it up with how we shot together once for our Chain Gang video. That was our first time meeting. She said that she had always heard such good things about me that she was glad to actually meet me and find out that they were all true! ;) Awe, so sweet. I told her that not only was she hot, sexy, and a good fuck too, but she was also really smart. I read her bio before interviewing her and found out that she was actually going to go to school for pre-med. She said yeah, she was. But she had already finished up a degree and was a little burned out on the whole school thing. She wanted to be a gynecologist. But she didn’t think it would be a good idea to go into another degree being burnt out on school. So that was when she decided to try having sex on camera. She said that she really got into it because she was so curious about the biz. Curiosity for getting fucked all day brought her in…lol. I love it. She is a little freak just like me!! She loves the biz, and says it’s been awesome, she did say that she may still go to med school when she’s ready. I of course had to ask her if she has any crushes on any of the girls in the industry. She said that she definitely crushed on Dana DeArmond. She is one of her lady friends that she will call her girlfriend on occasion. She said, “I am a whore for the ladies.” “Someone once said that Bobbi is straight for pay” I took that as the best compliment, Bobbi said. I had to ask then which she prefers. Dick, or pussy or both or what. She said that she enjoys the whole package of girls, but she likes penis so much she can’t stray away from that either. She’s like give me all the dick. Lol.

I told Bobbi what I love about girls is how they smell so good with their lotions, and lip-gloss, their lips are so soft. I just really love the passion that women bring. I asked her what she liked about women. She said pretty much the same thing. She loves how soft they are and she really likes when a woman takes care of her hands and feet. She has a major foot fetish. So she really likes girls who take care of their nails and toes. I asked her what kind of shoes she likes to wear on a daily basis. She said that she likes heals. They must be at least 3 ½ inches high and she loves open toed. Obviously, she wants to see those toes…lol. She told me that Italian shoes are her fav. She has almost 400 pairs of shoes.

I had to confess to Bobbi. I was getting totally wet and turned on talking to her. I said “what would you think to know that I am sitting here naked by my pool, rubbing my clit while I’m on the phone with you. I told her I couldn’t help it. She was like “Where are you, I need to come over now!!” lol. I was like; I love you and your pretty little vaginie!! She started laughing and was like thank you, that’s so hot!! She’s so hot!! Bobbi said that she’s been in the business for almost 3 years. It will be 3 in October. I wanted to know what she thought her best talent was. She said that she likes being able to move into any genre of porn easily. She can do all of it and she likes that!

I also took questions from some of her fans. They had some things they wanted me to ask her. One question was if you were a tree what kind would you be? She said that she would be a California Red Wood. Because they are grow together and are considered a family tree. Family is very important to her. She is originally from Northern California. One of her fans asked her “How does it feel to now live in the better half of the state?” She started laughing, and was like oh it will never be the better half. She said things are a lot different here than up north. She is still getting adjusted and used to the different ways and people down here. She said it was difficult, people act differently, treat you differently, she’s finally adjusting a bit. I had to ask Bobbi, how she’s able to deep throat a cock so well. She can take it like a champ. She had the funniest story to share. She said that she grew up in an Italian family and her mom would make pasta from scratch, well she and her brother would have contests who could put the longest piece down their throat and pull it back out without breaking it….lol. That’s hilarious. But obviously taught her a thing or two. She said that’s how she got so good at relaxing her throat muscles.

I asked her where her fav vacation spot would be, she said anywhere new. She loves to travel and has done a lot of it. From all of Europe to Australia, Czech Republic, S. America. She loves going new places. She is really looking forward to wherever she ends up next. Her favorite beverage is tea, any kind. Green, black, herbal, Chinese. She said that the Chinese green tea will give you so much energy. Her favorite food surprisingly isn’t Italian. She said that’s more of a comfort food for her. But she really loves Thai or Vietnamese food. Because she can’t figure out how to cook it. She loves the flavors, and the spice. She said, I’ve got to have a little spice in my life. Amen! She likes to enjoy her food, so not too hot, but she loves when midway through her meal her nose is running. Lol. Her favorite people to work with are any of the Spiegler Girls.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading some of the deatz to our interview. Bobbi is an awesome girl. Love her. Check out her pages at www.Myspace.com_BobbiStarr www.Twitter.com/BobbStarr and look out for her personal sites www.BobbiStarr.com and www.BobbisWorld.com

Have a great weekend babies. Cum a lot @ CourtneyCummz.com



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