Posted on 19-10-2009
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Hello my hearts, how are we today?? I’m having a great Monday! I am having my cleaning ladies come. Hooray! You have no idea how much I appreciate all of the work they do for me around my house. There is something so wonderful about having a clean house. And when they come it is spic-n-span!! If only it could stay that way!! I also have my doggies’ hairstylist coming over to clean them up. We’ve gotta be a fly looking family ya know! Wink! Wink!! So needless to say it is a great day in the Cummz household. I hope you all are enjoying your day as well.

I had an awesome weekend dancing in Oxnard. Besides the moment when I was on a guys lap giving him the dance of his life and I fell off of him because of an earthquake. And shockingly it wasn’t an earthquake in his pants..lol. A for real earthquake. I felt the couch shaking and I just fell backwards. It was crazy. And what is even crazier is the amount of earthquakes there have been recently. What is going on?? I was really excited that a bunch of my navy/military boys came out to see me. I love my serving babies. I like to be extra nice to them. They need a lot of lovin for what they are doing for us!! I love that I can communicate with my Latin lovers in Spanish if that makes them feel more comfortable. And I think for some of them it does. Many girls in the industry might not even realize how many of their fans can’t really speak to them because they don’t speak English. So instead of my expecting them to learn English, I was more than excited to start learning Spanish. My roomie really helps me with it also. He is so good to have around!!

I’m so sore today from the weekend. Between shooting my scene yesterday for Naughty America and dancing all weekend I am so beat up. This must be what football players feel like. Lol. I feel like I have totally worked out every muscle in my body!! I get so into it I end up with bruises and marks all over my body. You know I like to work hard, and play even harder!! It is all worth it. My shoot yesterday for Naughty America went so well. The woman shooting me was so cool. We got along really well. She was pretty groovy. I actually just got a call that she wants to shoot me again tomorrow. So that’s pretty cool. Tomorrow I have to go shoot a girl that will be in my upcoming Pussycats 4 video. I can’t wait for it to come out, you guys will love love love it!! I love working with women. Just like I like directing for other girls, I love when other girls are directing me. I’m not like an extreme feminist but I do enjoy working with someone who completely gets me. And I do think that women understand women better than a man understands a woman. That’s also something I am looking forward to getting into in school. I have class tonight. It’s going really well.

The classes are so chill. I love that we are in a forum type setting. It is really comfortable and nice for me. I am used to being the one on camera and now I just get to sit back and watch my teacher. I love the interaction. It is really going to be a great class. First I have psychology and then I have communications. Have any of you ever taken those classes? I love that I am surrounded by others who want to help people like I do. Regardless if we are helping in different ways, I love to help people any way possible.

Ladies, I wanted to give you all a friendly reminder. Sometimes as women we get ourselves into situations that aren’t always the safest for us. I have been put in some crazy scenarios. So I just want to remind those who might have forgotten how important it is to stay aware of your surroundings and always have people around you that you know and trust. There are so many beautiful women in this world who have bad things happen to them because they are too sweet or trusting. I always try to be very aware of my surroundings and I never will take a drink from anyone! It’s nothing personal but not even a bartender really. I will drink a beer, but I like to keep the lid on it until I can pop the top myself. So if I do get a drink from a bartender, I ask him please don’t take off the top, I will do it. Just something I learned to do along the way. I would always rather be safe than sorry. And the truth is some people are just crazy and will do anything! So ladies. Please stay safe. And if your living in California you may use a tazer or pepper spray when you feel the need however in our state you need a permit. Crazy I know but hey. Whatever! Just keep yourself protected!!

Lastly say a prayer babies that my Dodgers kick some ass tonight! There asses might be a little sore today, I know. They got spanked last night pretty hard!! I’ll give them a spank…lol. I have an awesome week ahead of my. Lots of work and then Thursday I will be leaving for beautiful Florida!! I can’t wait to see my friends. I always feel so rejuvenated when I am there. I am going to go out for dinner with one of my best friends. She is excited because usually when I’m there I don’t want to leave my nudist resort. So she always has to come there to see me (She’s not a nudist.) So she’s pretty happy about that! Lol. I’m not sure were we are going to go for dinner. She loves Bonefish, but I was telling her that I had never been to The Melting Pot. Have any of you? I really want to try out the fondue experience there. I have heard amazing things. Do any of you have any suggestions for me? Where are your favorite restaurants to eat at? What do you have when you go? Please let me know, we are always down for trying new things!

So that’s me today babies. I hope you all had a good weekend. A big hug and kiss to those who came out to say hi to me this weekend! I love and appreciate you!! I hope you have a fabulous rest of the day!



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