Posted on 16-10-2009
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Hey Sexsi’s!! How are we doing today! I am FABULOUS! I had the hottest time last night dancing at Spearmint Rhino in Oxnard. Come out and say hi I will be there tonight and Saturday night! You know what today is? Its Feature Friday babies. And I have the hottest little Swedish girl to introduce to you. If you didn’t know her before you will definitely know her now. She is Puma Swede a big tittied beautiful blonde! Our interview was totally cool, here’s how it went.

I asked her what she had been up to. She told me that she had been in Sacramento dancing. I couldn’t help but ask her if she put those big titties up in everyone’s face. She said yeah and her tiny little booty she likes to shake as well. Lol. She’s so cute! I had to get it out there just so she knew but I said I just love your big titties and your rockin body. She was like “thanks I like you too your no drama and just a lot of fun” I was like for real, I like to stay away from drama. Puma has such a sexy accent I had to ask her where she was from. Sweden hence the Swede in her name…lol. I love Swedish girls. They’re so hot. She’s been in America for about 5 years now. I asked her if she liked it over here and she said yeah. Obviously she misses her mom. It was funny she said that she missed her moms Swedish meatballs. Lol. But also said that she can just go to Ikea and buy some and it’s just as good. That’s good to know that even Swedish people think that Ikea food is comparable. It was so cute she told this story of how her mother will send her packages with frozen cookies in them and when she gets them they are all ruined by the water. So sweet of her mom.

You know I had to ask her if she has any crushes on girls in the business. She was like “aww you” it was sweet. But she continued that she likes people who are cool and that I’m one of the cool ones. She’s such a doll. My big tittied Barbie doll. Love it! Being from Sweden I figured she’d been to some cool places. I asked her where her favorite vacation spot has been besides her country. She said that she has traveled a lot in her life. She said that her favorite place would probably be New Zealand, Australia, she said the people are real nice and there is beautiful nature. Or Japan, she said it was amazing. I asked her if she did porn while she was in Japan. She said yes, we mutually knew the guy that she went with. She told a funny story about her being the dominant one with a dildo and strap on but telling her to be gentle….lol. She’s like how can I be gentle with all of this….lol It was funny. She though Japan was like a fantasy world. People would dress up in costumes at night on the weekdays. I had to ask if she ate a lot of sushi while she was there. When I went we ate some bangin ass sushi at 5 star restaurants. She was like no way we ate KFC. I was laughing. She’s like “we would think about where to go and then wait so long we wouldn’t care where we ate.” She did say that they had some good dinners while they were there.

I also asked Puma about her craziest fan experience. She said that she has the best fans. Her best experience is when people bring her candy…lol. She loves candy. She loves the thoughtful things people do. Like one fan got her a Swedish rose and others bring chocolate, etc. We are very lucky girls, we both have some awesome fans!

I had to ask her when we would work together again. She was like I know! We were actually supposed to but I was shooting content and it didn’t work out. We’ve got to figure it out soon. I can’t wait to play with her. She was so funny. She told me about this fucking machine she got from a club she was in, in Sacramento. She wants to put it to use with me, so that should be fun. Have you guys ever used a fucking machine? I’d love to hear some of your stories.

I asked her what her favorite beverage was. She’s so cool and easy going she likes everything. She’s like “I like tea, coffee, I probably drink about 4-5 cups of tea a day.” She also likes soda, Starbucks, or red wine. She said she usually will drink whatever, but she’s not messing with the whiskey…lol. She got sick off of it once so she’s like no more. I asked her if she smoked. She’s said yeah, she seems to want to quit. She was telling me about the electrical cigarettes that she’s thinking about getting. She’s excited because you can use them on airplanes and stores or wherever. They are a good idea. It is such a habit to go through the motions with cigarettes. I was telling her they are always there. In the morning, after you eat, while you drink, in the car. I think I should try them, maybe it would help cut it out.

I wanted to know why she chose the name puma and her answer was a cool one. Her first car in Sweden was a Ford Puma. She loved it. So she decided to have that as her name. And then obviously the Swede is self-explanatory. So you’ve read about her big titties, I asked her what bra size she was. An impressive 32 F. She said F was for Fuckable and Fantastic…lol. Love it! Her titties are inspirational for me. I love them. She said that she had to keep telling her doc she wanted them bigger and bigger. He didn’t believe that she wanted F’s.

Finally I like to get the girls thoughts on me. She said that she always just thought I was happy and always smiling. Now that she’s gotten to know me better, she thinks I’m a great person. Aww how sweet. I asked her what she may not like so much, and she said that she wants to work with me more. So we will be soon babies, look out for it! You guys will love us together! This interview was a great one. Make sure to check out CourtneyCummz.com to listen to it recorded. And check out Puma Swede at
www.PumaSwede.com www.Twitter.com/PumaSwede www.myspace.com/pumaswede

Hope you enjoyed her interview as much as I did. Have a great Friday babies!



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