Posted on 11-10-2009
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Hey babies!! I am back from Kalamazoo and what a good time I had. All the guys that came to see me, the bachelor parties!! I loved dancing that half hour lap dance for Bennie. I cannot believe the cold weather in Michigan. Its so nice to be back in Southern California with all of the sunshine. I do enjoy the difference in the weather change and all of the seasons. I love all the girls at the club! You were so sweet to me! Don’t let your boyfriends say anything different. You are very special and treated me so well!!

Lets talk about these darn fan signs. It started off with one guy asking me. Then another guy asked for one. Now I have been doing them for the past 24 hours while I was at the club, hotel room, airport and now at home. I am also doing them for my myspace and facebook babies. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. It is going to take me a few days to write the signs, take the pictures and upload it to my twitpic. Some have complained that I post the pictures on my twitpic, but this is how I have chosen to share the signs with the people who have requested them. If you don’t like seeing the pictures and it makes you upset, just quit following me on twitter. Better yet, watch for when I do this again next month and request a fan sign for yourself. If you remember, I did the TWITTER ME TUESDAY last month. This is something special I do for my fans for being so loyal to me and my career. So be patient and I will get these out ASAP!

I have had many fans ask about the bruises on my knees. The bruises on my knees are from my dancing. I get so interactive getting nasty wth my boys. I hop down on my knees on stage and even to give lap dances to fans surrounding the stage. I bang up my knees and my whole body. I usually perform seven to ten stage shows, plus private lap dances, so my body is exhausted after a weekend of dancing.

I am going to eat, run a few errands for my shoot tomorrow and come back home to relax and crash. I hope you have a SUNDAY FUNDAY!


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