Posted on 09-10-2009
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Hey babies, its Friday! I’m still up in Kalamazoo and I will be dancing again tonight and tomorrow. Saturday is my last night here, so if you haven’t come out yet, you better bring your sexy Asses up to see me! I have a hot new girl to introduce to you on my website www.CourtneyCummz.com . Actually I should tell you about last Friday’s girl also, since I wasn’t able to blog about her last week. My feature for last Friday was my girl Joanna Angel. I love love love her! I have always been a huge fan of hers ever since I have been in the industry. She is a total entrapaneur and that is what I love! She’s got her own line of sex toys too. It’s called Burning Angel so make sure you guys check it out. They are awesome everything is pink and black. That is kind of her signature because they match her hair. She’s a total punk chick which I love but best of all she is super cute! She is so tiny with the cutest little bubble butt. I told her in the interview how much I love that she can take such huge cocks in that little ass. She said that her favorite guy to work with was Mr. P. and her favorite girl that she has shot with was Belladonna. Her craziest fan experience was when someone sent a box of Christian bibles and literature to my parent’s house. It said all kinds of crazy shit about her. That really sucks. People should never bring families into it. It was a great 20 minutes; our interview was awesome so make sure you check it out.

You’re really going to love my interview with Mya Nichole also. This one was a little different than the other ones. Mya actually filmed herself while we were on the phone together. She is looking sexy so you will definitely want to watch it. There is a little surprise for you at the end as well. Mya was super sweet. I have never met her personally. She has long brown hair and some hot DD’s on her. She has a major crush on Gina Lynn. She said that she loved working with her. She loves heels, the higher the better but will sometimes wear some flip-flops if they are cute! She spends a lot of her time with her little doggy. She is a Maltese named Isabella or Bella. She likes to take her with wherever she goes. I love people who love their animals.

Mya has been in the business officially for about a year. She kind of got started by becoming a Dominatrix. She went from being a dom to having her own website, and then started shooting with other companies. I asked her if she would dominate and degrade me. She said absolutely. She thinks we would have a lot of fun together. I have a feeling that she is right. I should have known she was from the Midwest. Love my Midwest people. She said that she is originally from a suburb outside of Indianapolis, IN. You know I had to talk to her about my Michael Jackson. Lol. Then she moved to Arizona and then off to Cali to get into porn. Mya is a hot 25-year-old cancer. She doesn’t really like the beach, but loves to spend time walking around Venice. She is scared of the water, so would rather stay on land. Her favorite girl to shoot with is Amber Rain. She said that she likes how real and raw she keeps it.

Her craziest man experience is funny. She said it was when she was engaged to Nick Manning. Lol. That’s hilarious! Her craziest fan experience is a guy from Egypt that writes her 3 page poems weekly. She also has been followed and had her cell phone stolen at the airport only to be returned to the ticket counter later. Weird. People don’t be the creep of the week EVER! There is a difference in being friendly and creepy. No girl wants to be followed around. I don’t care if you’re a porn star or not. I have had things similar happen and it truly is scary. I have a motto that I remind myself of often. And sometimes I forget it when I should really remember. It is that “I’m divinely guided, directed, and protected.” When I am saying that to myself, I feel safer.

So in closing babies, make sure you go and listen to my interviews. I love getting to know these girls better. After speaking with them, it makes me want to shoot with them even more! I hope we can get together and do that! A very big thank you to the girls who have taken 20 minutes out of their day to talk with me. You guys rock! Mya especially kept it nasty at the end of our interview. She is a total dirty girl, it makes me love her 10x’s more! So have a Fabulous Friday babies. Go bust a nut for me! Then bring yourself and your friends out to see me! Cum one Cum all!

Have the best day babies! Wish me luck at my show tonight! Oh and let me know if you have questions you would like me to ask some of the girls that I feature. I love and value your feedback.



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