Posted on 05-10-2009
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Hey babies, it’s Motivational Monday! I heard a great saying. “Be like a stamp and stick to something until you get there.” I thought it was great! I wanted to pass it on because I hate when I see people give up on themselves when something becomes not as easy as they thought. It is such a shame. Because usually if you stick it out through the time you want to quit, that’s when you get what you’ve been working for. I want to give the biggest Thank You out to everyone who came out to AdultCon Lol. I loved it! And big kisses out to all of my sexy Navy boys who came to see me. I’m so grateful for all you do for our country. It was such a great show. I even got on Channel 7 News. It was awesome. They did an interview with me, it was cool. I loved all of the gifts you all gave me also. I love love love my hat, and my Courtney Dodger key chain. You guys all know me so well. I must admit all of you boys get me so horny. You guys are all so sexy I just want to bite the shit out of you! EEEHHH I just love sitting here even thinking about all of you!

I love that I can communicate with my Latin Lovers even better now. All of this Spanish that I have been learning is really helpful. I love being able to speak Spanish. Granted sometimes it’s more like Spanglish, but I’m getting it…lol. I hope it makes all of my Latin babies feel more comfortable and welcome! I have fans from all over so obviously they each have their own different spin on certain words or sayings, but I love the bit of Spanish interaction that we are able to have! I met some of the most amazing people at the convention. Singles, couples, preggos. I loved it; one girl even came back the next day to show me her sonogram picture of the baby in her belly. I loved it. I love little babies. Even though I’m kind of scared of them when they are little little. Courtney love tha kids.

Oh before I go any further, let me please address something that has been bothering some of you and starting to bother me, so we can squash it. For those of you who have been waiting for your custom videos I’m sorry for your wait. I understand your looking forward to them, however, to make them good you have to understand the process. I need someone to film me and then someone to edit the scenes that we shoot. Trust me, I wish I could do it all myself, it would make my life a lot easier. But I can’t. I have a whole team of people who I work with to make these videos for you all possible. It is hard sometimes to get everyone’s schedules to mesh perfectly. My being sick for a week put a major wrench in my schedule. I go out of town so often that I really have to stay on top of my game. I don’t really have time to get sick and now you guys see why. I can’t wait for you guys to get your videos. Trust, they will be well worth the wait. But for now on, when purchasing them there will be a 3-4 week delivery time. If they can get out sooner than that, great you can get them sooner, if not they will be there within 3-4 weeks max. I didn’t know what kind of response I would get from those Custom Dvd’s. You guys are enjoying them I see, which makes me so happy. You all have my word that I will work as hard as I can to get them out to you in a timely manner. For those of you who are waiting on them now, I’m trying to get with my guy to get them edited before I go out of town again. This way I can have them shipped out before I leave! So please bear with me babies. I will get them to you ASAP.

And one more thing. I need to address this guy that really pissed me off on twitter. When you are in front of a camera as often as I am you learn something about camera angles, photo shop, lenses, and poses. These are all factors that we are taking into consideration while shooting. Every box cover, magazine, or advertised photos you have ever seen have used at least one of the above while shooting. This guy told me that my twitter picture was false advertisement. There is no false anything going on. No two pictures of my ass will ever look the same. I got a fat ass! Love it or hate it, that’s your obsession.

Finally my Dodgers won! Whoohoo! I swear every time I go to one of their games they seem to win. I would love to watch them go all the way! You guys should have seen me. I dressed up like a sexy Dodger Fan. My outfit was super cute if I do say so myself! ;-} I like to keep the games fun and energized. I bought this guy a Dodger flag because it was his birthday. He was really excited about it! It made me feel good! I also started singing my Happy Birthday song to him and others joined in. It was awesome. You know it’s funny I felt like I had a hard time in the beginning meeting people that were cool when I first moved to El Lay! But at Dodger games I meet some of the coolest people. It has really given me a different perspective on the city If someone is decked out in gear when they walk by me I like yell at them “Go Dodgers!” I just love when EVERYONE is having a good time. It’s a blast! It’s funny though to see the 2 kinds of people at a game. The ones that love it, and the ones that are just going to go. Some girls are out there in heels and dresses. I’m like what? We are at a game, drinking beer and eating dogs. That is not a dress and heel type of event. Ya know what I’m saying. It makes me laugh.

Well babies, I love you so much! Thanks again for all of the support you give me! You all mean the world to me! Muah! Muah! Muah!



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