Posted on 30-09-2009
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Hey babies, how are you? I LOVE NEW YORK! I have to be honest; I’m back from New York and missing all of my New Yorkers. I had such a blast. I have to say I don’t understand why they say that people from NY are rude. They are just REAL. And coming from LA it’s totally refreshing. What I love the most about my NY babies is how they are always keeping it fresh! Always! Sneakers so clean and gleamin’. Looking good, smelling good. I loved every minute. We had a blast at our booth didn’t we? If you were there make sure what’s up here too. I want to know how you all liked it and if you enjoyed yourself?

For those of you who couldn’t make it we had the best booth by far. We had me with my big titties, my girl Roxy Reynolds with her beautiful booty, Sunny Lane who is the total girl next door, and the man with the most famous cock in porn Ron Jeremy. Do you think we had a blast or what? We had the best time. I felt so happy too because a lot of people came up to me and said that our booth was the most fun, and had the best energy. I love to hear that. There was only one incident that really pissed me off. It makes me upset when photographers think that they can just jump in front of all of my fans and start taking pics of me and telling me how to pose. I’m like; do you see this line of people that you just cut right in front of? They are here to take my picture too! I don’t think that just because you are a photographer you should run around acting like you run shit. Don’t worry babies, I am on your side….lol. Other girls might not care, but I do. These shows are about the fans not power trips!

I know some people were upset that some of the other girls were charging for pictures at their booths. Babies you have to understand some of these girls spent a lot of money just going to the event. They have to pay for their airfare, hotel, booth space and so much more that you don’t even realize. They are just trying to at least break even from what they had to spend ya know? I feel so blessed that my company pays for me to do all of this so I don’t have to charge for the little extra’s that I’m able to give you. For me I am able to just go in there with no concerns and just mingle with you all! I love that. My job is so fabulous I feel so blessed.

Did you all like the DVD’s I had out for you? I hope so. For me these big events are my opportunity to really connect with you all personally and share with you everything about me. Speaking of personal things, are those of you who bought my panties happy with your purchase? ;-) I hope you like em. I wanted to give a big thank you shout out to all of my babies who helped me take down the stand at the end. You guys are the best. I’m telling you I have the coolest fans. I will tell you what was really cool. Meeting some of my baby’s girlfriends. I really think it is so important to bring them out with you.

I think guys get really used to just coming out to these events with their boys. They would be having a lot more fun if they would bring their girls, I know it! That way couples can play and experiment together. And not just fantasize about it. Ya know what I mean? Oh my goodness babies, I had a dream a couple of days ago that there were going to be two huge earthquakes. I told my roommate after I had the dream and I’m glad that I did. He was able to tell me that I actually said there would be 2 but 1 of them was going to be really big. Then the Tsunami hit. Then another one hit and my roomie looked at me and said there’s your second one. Isn’t that crazy. I love it but sometimes it scares me. I never know when it is going to happen. At least it makes it easier because often I forget the details of the dream after I have it. Does that ever happen to you? I remember it so well when I first wake up and then I actually wake up to the world and forget. Lol. That’s why I was glad that I had told my roomie, he is always so handy. Hehe, even when he is reminding me about my thoughts….lol.

I swear when I am out of town; I come home and don’t want to leave for like 2 days. I was even thinking about going shopping but have talked myself into doing it online…lol. Oh boy! I’m sure my doggies appreciate it though. They miss me when I am gone. Well babies, I am going to get going. I hope you have a great day! Make it a good one and put a smile on that face! :0)



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