Posted on 29-09-2009
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Hey babies! I am back from my appearance at Exxxotica NY!! I had such a fantastic time meeting all of my East Coast fans!! Thank you for coming out to see me. I had a blast! Talking to you, taking pictures with you, having you play with my tits, ass and pussy kept me horny all weekend. My Hitachi was on overload all weekend!!!

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It is great to be home. To be able to relax and sleep in my own bed, Last night, while laying in bed, I couldn’t help but to remember how around seventy–five percent of the boys I spoke with at my table told me that they did not pay for porn, they download it for free. That really pissed me off!! I try to explain that if no one purchases the porn, in a short amount of time, there will be no porn or porn conventions or porn stars for that matter. I absolutely hate these free porn tube sites that give away scenes for free and there is nothing we can do because the servers are based in a country that does not recognize our copyright laws in the US. These sites are taking money away from the companies that produce the scenes you enjoy to watch. Why would a company invest $20000 making a DVD when there is no return on their investment? They are taking money out of my pocket because boys would rather watch free porn than pay for my DVDs that I sell.

In the upcoming years, there will be new technologies available that will include great interaction and have fantasies come true. Why would someone invest in producing a great new technology for porn when there is no money to be made? The porn fans would rather get things for free. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting free things. When it comes to this, free is the one four letter f word that I do not want in my vocabulary. Buy one, get one free is a great promotion. Most people forget about the “buy one” part of the equation. Think of that the next time you want to masturbate and the only porn to watch was produced three years ago and it does not excite you anymore.

My challenge to you is to support your favorite adult companies and your favorite adult stars. In the past 15 to 20 years, greed has ruined our manufacturing base in the US. It is cheaper for companies to make their product in China or another country causing a closure of the US factories. Because of greed, the company is lowering their standard of product and shitting on the American worker who has invested their life working for that company. Don’t be a greedy SOB and download free porn. If you do, there will be no product for you to watch because no porn will be made at the quality you are accustom to viewing. There will be no Courtney Cummz or Jenna Jameson because we will not be able to make a living because the fans do not pay for their viewing pleasure.

Off to catch up on my shows that I have on DVR. KEEP IT NASTY!

me and Roxy Reynolds

me and Roxy Reynolds

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