Posted on 25-09-2009
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Hey babies, how are you all today? It’s Friday, and I’m in NY for eXXXotica! I love New York. This weekend should be a blast! Make sure you all cum see me at the booth. I’m excited to share with you my girl for Feature Friday! Her name is Lexi Love and she is a total sweetheart. I loved interviewing her. She was really cool, down to earth, and interesting! Here’s how it went down, I called her and asked her how she was doing. I had to tell her that I was thinking about that great booty of hers. (Incase you didn’t know her booty is amaZZZing) My first question was how she keeps her booty so luscious? Lexi said that she runs 5k every other day. I guess that’ll do it. I told her that she is a hot perfect 10. I had to ask her if she had any crushes in the biz. She is so cute; she said she was crushing on me lol. I told her I couldn’t wait to shoot with her so that she can squirt in my mouth. Yummy!!! She said another crush of hers would have to be Madison Scott. I wasn’t sure who she was, but Lexi said that she does more private work with Hustler and Penthouse

I had to ask her what kind of shoes she wears daily? She said she usually wears sneakers or heels when she’s going out. I mentioned how people have this misconception about how we run around in heels all day. And how that is not the case. She did mention however how walking around a lot in heels is a great work out! And boy is she right! You know I had to ask her if she has any animals? She said yes, a snake and an iguana. Her snake is a bald python; she has had it since she was 12. I asked her if she takes pictures with them but she said no not really. The snake doesn’t like lights and is not very big. You know I had to ask if the snake had ever bitten her. She said no, that he is a good boy. I thought, that’s good ;-)

I love these interviews because it helps me get to know these girls better. Which is totally cool. I found out that she is from Boston. Haha, I asked her if she likes to eat Boston Cream Puffs? She said no. She is actually Vegan and doesn’t eat dairy, meat, or any other animal products. I assumed that she was a soy eater but she informed me that she tries to stay away from that as well. She explained that being vegan you could actually get overloaded with soy products so she tends to stay away. I used to eat a lot of soy products, I am allergic to milk so would always buy the soy milk. She said that she too was allergic to milk. I asked Lexi how long she had been eating Vegan for? She said 2 going on 3 years. I just think that’s awesome. I had to ask her how much better she feels and if she feels alive again? She said yeah she is a lot healthier, firmer, has more energy and overall just feels better.

“How long have you been in the business?” I asked. She said, “5 years” She’s a veteran like me, I laughed. I asked her where her favorite vacation spot was and she said anywhere she could backpack. She really likes London too, not that you can backpack there she said. But she just really likes it there. I asked her if she does a lot of shopping there but she said no, she just goes for vacation to check it out. She continued with “it’s a very progressive country, there isn’t much racism, the people are friendly, but it is very costly. I said yeah like double New York’s prices, and she said yeah. That London usually sets the bar and NY follows them. She did mention that weed is legal and it is very chill and laid back there. So I had to ask, do you smoke weed? She said here and there, she just started this year. She laughed and said that she is a lightweight. I mentioned how I had caught the news about how the pot shops in Cali are helping our state get out of debt. I asked her if she thought it would be beneficial for the rest of the country to do the same. I thought she raised a good point. Her opinion was yes and no. She thinks it might make things worse for a little while. Fearing kids will no longer want to go to college but focus their attention on growing weed, and try to make money the “easy” way. I hear her point.

Sorry guys, I asked her what her fav airline is, but she wouldn’t say for privacy reasons. Her favorite drink as far as wines go is a Pinot Noir, Liquor is Rum or Vodka, and non-alcoholic she said is tea when she is in Cali and coffee when in NY. Her favorite food is cauliflower. Next babies, you know I had to ask her if she is green in her house. She said the same things I used to feel. She hadn’t heard of my favorite green company yet so I told her about it. She said many “green cleaners” in her experience didn’t work. I totally agree, the ones at the grocery store don’t and they are way over priced!! She said that when she travels she has to request special sheets that have no fragrance other wise she breaks out in a rash. We both agree that the chemicals are horrible for our health, but most people have gotten their bodies so used to them. It isn’t good! Go green babies, ask me how!!

There is more to the interview babies, but I want you to hear the good and juicy details for your self. So go to to listen to the whole thing. I promise the rest of the interview is way to good to just read! ;-)

Love you babies, Enjoy your weekend!!



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