Posted on 23-09-2009
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What’s up babies it is Wacky Wednesday what are you doing? Ha speaking of wacky or just plain ole wack. I had to get my hair did today! It was looking a little busted. I love my hair stylist she is fabulous. We always have good talks when we are together. Today was a little different. It got a little awkward in her salon today. She just moved salons and it was my first time going into her new place. I was standing outside and an older woman walked up to me and asked me the name of the Salon. Well I didn’t know, since this was the first time I had been there. Anyway, she went into the salon and I could see her dead husband with her by her side walking next to her. Wow! It was crazy! I found out later that it was her husband because I asked her stylist if she had recently had a husband pass away. And she said yes. I told her that he had light hair and light eyes. I got chills and goose bumps up and down.


I felt so bad for my girl. As I was sitting there getting my hair done someone walked into the salon. My stylist looked up and saw that it was actually one of her clients, who was obviously not there to see her. She whispered to me that this woman was her client. It was weird because the woman didn’t know that my girl was working at this salon. It was total coincidence. I went outside to use the phone and when I went back in she told me that the lady said hello to her. Ha ha, of course she did. She had too. They had a business relationship for years. Those kinds of moments are always so awkward. I hated it and I wasn’t even a part of the drama…lol. I think my girl felt a little cheated on. I don’t blame her. But whatever. I told her that she is awesome at what she does and that she has plenty of clients. I know I personally refer many clients to her. I am just like that though. If I am happy with a service provided or someone working with me, I will always send them business to help them out. Or praise them to their bosses.

It has seriously been a wacky ass day! How could I forget though to tell you guys how it got started off, as random as it may sound. I was driving down the 101 and saw a picnic table type umbrella flying through the air. I am so serious. I told a couple of people today and they thought I was lying and refused to believe me. I don’t lie and especially why would I just make up a story like this. How random and insignificant. It’s not like it even has a great ending, not that I know what would make that have a great ending. But nothing happened; it was just flying through the air. The Santa Anna winds are so strong here; I swear some of these pin thin girls in LA could get blown away…lol. That story is way to random to make up dontcha think? You would be like Whooa too if you had saw it. I hope someone reading this lives in Cali and saw it too. Let me know so people don’t think I am totally bat shit crazy! Lol.

I am really looking forward to Xxxotica NYC this weekend. It is going to be such a HOT time! I will be at the Hotmovies booth Fri, Sat, and Sun. Cum by and say hi if your in the area. I will be selling some of my panties, DVD’s, and pictures. As well as autographs. So cum on by and pick up yours I want to see your sexy asses out there. NO EXCUSES. XXXotica is always a big show and there will be so many hotties there with me. I know you all love me the, but who are some of your other favorites in the industry? I always love having so many of my girls in one place at the same time. It’s always really wild and sexy!

So let me know babies if you will be making it out there to see me. I will be looking extra good for you, since my hair is fresh….lol. Look out NY you’ve got some hot bodies about to invade your state. New Yorkers do you think you can handle it?? I’m not sure ;-) But I bet you will enjoy trying. I really need to start packing up my stuff. I swear I should just leave a bag packed at all times…lol. That would make my life a whole lot easier. I hope the weather is nice. Bags become a whole lot heavier when I have to think about cold weather clothes.

It could help the environment so much by letting nudists run free. Less clothes to pack, wash, etc. etc. etc. Could you imagine, I would love it! Would you guys enjoy sitting next to me on an airplane and have me be naked underneath my coat? What would you do if I flashed you and then sat next to you on the plane? Imagine…. What would you say to me? Or how would you respond? There are naked statues all over Europe in plain sight, why are we so scared of the beautiful naked human body?



And remember….
“You can not clean up your past, but your future is spotless”

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