Posted on 11-09-2009
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Hey babies, it’s Friday! Hooray! I am having a web show tonight at 7 pm PST. I hope you all cum join in on the fun. I also am doing my Feature Friday at my website today. You should go there and listen in on my interview with Tabitha Stevens. She is awesome. Here’s a little run down of how it went. The call started with me letting her know how much my roadie peaches loves her and her work. She was laughing to find out that I call him peaches. It’s cool he knows he’s my little peach. But I did tell her where the name originated. I asked her how long she has been in the business. She first started in 1995.. She is going to be 40 this year, and I love that. I wonder if I will still want to be in the biz in 10 years. Hmm, you never know what the future holds.

She loves the outdoors. Biking, hiking, but doesn’t really work out a whole lot. She looks so damn good. I asked her what she likes to fantasize about, she said picturing big huge cocks. Too big to fit inside of you, but that you can sit on. They are warm and make you cum all over. I did ask her what kind of cocks she prefers. She said, just an average size cock. Although she likes to fantasize about them being real large the reality of it is she is really small. She’s only like 5 foot, maybe 100 lbs.. She said that she did like big cocks, but only sometimes. She doesn’t like getting her “pussy ripped in half.”

Me being in the biz for 5 years, I have seen the industry change so much. I asked her what kind of changes she had seen since she had been in. She said that girls needed to work it more. I think she is totally right. She said, “Girls now have to put in a little extra and go the extra mile.” I tell her how I have gotten so much dirtier since being in the business. I asked her if that had happened to her also. She said absolutely. I asked her what she considers too hard-core; she said when girls eat their own vomit. She said back in the day she saw things like that and she was like “I am not doing that!” I asked her how she felt about teen porn. Her views are over 21. She was 25 and still asked her parents, grandparents, and brother their opinion. I thought that was crazy, but I love that she did that. She proceeded to tell how she never really got into drugs. I asked her if she smokes cigs and she said no. She used to smoke pot, but said it makes her paranoid.

She is a pretty healthy girl. She shared a funny story with me about how she drank onset once. She thought she was drinking something called a “Sea breeze” and ended up getting so buzzed that her scene was insane. “I like attacked that girl,” she laughed. I then asked her where she was from. She said that she was born in New York and moved to Vegas when she was 15. She said she then got married and became a rich, bored, housewife…lol. She said that someone approached her to do a move and she had to get back to them. She went home to ask her husband what he thought and he said as long as it was with another girl he didn’t care. That was when she called her family and asked them if they were cool with it. Soon Tabitha realized that she couldn’t stay married because it wasn’t fair to him that she was out shooting. She told him she wanted a divorce and then she just started doing porn. I asked her if she was happy. She said “absolutely”. She cracked me up because we were both laughing about how we were dysfunctional before we got in porn. Some people say we got this ways after porn and we are like no no…lol. She is now married for the 4th time, but so very happy. She’s got a hubby that she’s so good with.

I asked her, when people hear the name Tabitha Stevens what do they think about? Her response was great; she is a dirty girl too. Love it. She is a total workaholic too; she said that she doesn’t really get to travel much. She likes Hawaii though when she does. Tabitha’s craziest fan experience is kind of like an on going one. She had a creepy fan that would just pop up everywhere she was. We talked about how much cooler it would be if guys wouldn’t get creepy about stuff. They’d get a lot farther with us if they just keep their cool. She would get him kicked out of every event that she would attend.

Guys try to play us girls against each other a lot in this biz. For instance if a girl is dancing at a club and they go to dance on a guy. The guy might say something about giving a dance in only the thong or whatever the girl did before her. She doesn’t care. I love that, she’s like whatever than go have her give you a dance then. She’s like those people can suck my dick…lol. She is a crack up. Why the name Tabitha Stevens? She said she didn’t even know it was the girl from I dream of Jeanie. I didn’t know that either. But she always liked the name Tabitha and Stevens just stuck out in her head. She said that there was someone who had the name, but hadn’t used it in years. So everyone thought it would be ok. She said that after she established a name for herself that this girl came back and started feature dancing as her name. People and her parents would ask her if she was in town. She was like “NO”.

I know how she feels, I hate when I hear girls that come into the industry and want to use the name cummz, and it is so annoying. I don’t even like the last name really. Tabitha totally gets it. She said that there are so many Stevens now. Too funny, love the originality girls. Well babies, that is a pretty big intro to what the interview is about. Find out all of the dirty details on my website under Feature Friday.

I hope you all have a great Friday. I am going to go so I can start getting ready for my cam show. I hope to see you there! ;-)



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