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What a day. I had to go have a little visit with the taxman today. It didn’t go as horribly as it could have I guess. But it didn’t go that well either. I am in such a funk. URGGGHH! My head is pounding; I think it is from stress. The only thing I think will help is if I masturbate it away. I fucking hate being stressed. Do any of you have any good remedies for relieving it? I am all ears, and will do just about anything at this point. I am kind of craving some chocolate too. Whatever works at this point you know.

On the flip side business is booming. I am so glad you all are loving my Wellness Company business too. It is such a great company and I believe in it with all of my heart. What I really love is that I can’t have success without a team of other people being successful too. We have got such an awesome group so far to work with it has been fabulous. I always knew my fans were cool, but that we can connect on this level takes it to a different realm. So great. When I first took a closer look at this business I was like this looks to good to be true. But I will tell you it didn’t take long before I was a true believer. Now maybe more than ever. I have seen the economy do some crazy things to people here in Cali. And I really understand the importance of having a recession proof business. The people working with our company are thriving like never before.

What is more important to me though is putting my work into a business that will be around for the long term. I have seen so many businesses come and go that it is hard to find one that you know will work for you as long as YOU want it to. I don’t think people would have ever imagined that GM (one of the biggest makers of cars that there is) could ever go bankrupt. The sad reality is it happened. This is exactly what happens when people get more obsessed with profits than product. That becomes a serious problem. I wouldn’t have any fans if I didn’t put my all into my work, so when other businesses are taking out more than they are putting in, it becomes a financial nightmare.

Sadly porn is not recession proof. But thankfully I have figured out how to roll with the punches. I don’t see anything better than getting healthier, showing others how to get healthier, but also just as importantly teaming up and helping each other make that cash. It took a little weeding through to find the ones who were SERIOUS like we are to make some money. I love working when there isn’t a limit to how much money I can make.

Our company is about to celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary. This is so exciting. Especially because there are so many home-based businesses out there that fail, it is surprising to people when they find a company that is different. THIS IS THE ONLY COMPANY OUT THERE OF Its KIND. Trust me, I have done my homework. It is often imitated but never duplicated, because companies can’t get it all right. This is what makes our business DIFFERENT than the mlm companies or “pyramid” businesses that are out there. Those kind of businesses are scary ya’ll. People show us these crazy businesses all of the time. My partner and I can find all kinds of holes in there business plans. Or the questions we ask they don’t know the answers to. Most mlm companies aren’t even able to be a part of the better business bureau. Nor pyramid scheme companies, and they surely are not in business for 25 years or getting recognized by the BBB or Inc 500.

I know some people can be cautious when starting new things. This is usually because they got burned once or knows someone who got burned once. Often people want to tell you every horrible story they know when you tell them you’re doing something new and exciting.. Usually it is because of jealousy. Or because the say “I just am trying to look out for you” right…lol. Whatever. If I listened to everyone who had something to say about me getting into porn who knows if I would be here today. I’m glad I listened to myself. Cuz trust me I had plenty of people telling me what they thought I should do.

So babies I hope you will join me on my mission to help others. Everyone can do this business the only question is WILL YOU? If you want to see my other business please email my girl Shannon at
You will need to include:
First and Last Name
Telephone Number
Time Zone
Best time and day to call
What is your monthly income goal?
What is your current occupation?
Do you find it easy to strike up a conversation with people you don’t know?
Are you into people and/or helping them?
Describe your dream job?

It is time to do it babies. Let’s team up and do the damn thang! ;-)

I hope you all have a better day than I have had. On the bright side at least I have some other things that I can turn my attention to that make me happy to get over my crazy funky day. Someone quick tell me how you would cheer me up if you and I were in my bedroom together? I can’t wait to hear your answers.

Xoxo babies,


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Posted on 09-09-2009
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