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Happy Labor Day babies! I hope most of you were able to be off and spend the day relaxing. That’s all I have been doing, my roomie and I have just been lounging all day and yesterday too. Lol. It’s been SO nice though. I think I might lie out or maybe take a swim not sure. I know I need to take my booty to the gym. I’m just feeling like being home so I might just pop in a video and work out that way. I had a lot of fun at the Dodgers game. It was so funny; I decided that we needed a hobby. My roomie and I. So we went to both teams’ games. And totally decided that we were Dodger fans. I was on the big jumbotron screen. It was so cool.

So the point of Labor Day is to celebrate men and women working. It is sad that all businesses aren’t able to honor the day to their employees. Everything is picked and chosen in the world it is humorous to me. I have a question for you guys. Do you think that people in porn can be spiritual or religious? There are seriously people out there that don’t believe that if you fuck people for a living that you can have any kind of relationship with a greater power. I totally disagree. I don’t care if you are a hit man for a living, you can still have a belief in something and some sort of relationship with your “higher power”. Look at the mafia people in the world, usually very Catholic, and what do they do pray after they kill a man. So tell me is my profession different? I don’t kill for a living but I get fucked, SO WHAT! Am I not allowed to show my spiritual side?

You guys might be like where is this coming from. Well let me back up this train for a I did a scene for They wanted to do something like a day in the life of a Porn Star. Awesome, I was totally down for it. I welcomed them into my house. Showed them some of my favorite things about myself and we continued on. I did some great shooting like being caught on fire and giving a blowjob in a car. Well when the video came out it doesn’t show that stuff really. What they make it seem like is that I am some hypocritical person because of my personal beliefs and faith and my job. WTF?? Really? I wonder first and foremost who edited this video? Then I wonder why did they make it out like this? Don’t mock me. I love my job, but even more I love my spirituality and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it. I consider myself spiritual because there is a lot about religion that doesn’t make sense to me. And you know me, if it doesn’t make sense, I don’t do it. So I have a great piece I found once online about the difference between the two. I will share it with you if you’re interested in reading it. I thought it was great; I will post it below for you. But I was just was just a little annoyed when I saw it. I was a little disappointed in their portrayal of me.

All in all though it is whatever to me. My faith and beliefs are surely not molded by what Brazzers thinks of me so it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that what I believe suits me, and it does perfectly. I loved all of your comments about the last blog. Being positive is the only way to get through life. We all think negatively and it is ok. You just have to make sure that you spend more time thinking about what you want, rather than what you don’t want. If you didn’t have negative things in your life the good positive things wouldn’t be so great. It is all good babies; ya just gotta figure it out as you go. It is really all we can do. As long as you feel good today that is all that matters. Feel good babies, go bust a nut, that always helps me! ;-)

“If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or the next year. Today should always be our most wonderful day.”

Enjoy this moment!

Peace, love, and pleasure



Here is a great piece I found a while back about the difference between the two. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Spirituality says that God is within us, and that we do not need anyone else to make this particular divine connection for us.

Religion says that we are separated from God, and that we need to communicate with and worship this ascended entity in order to make the divine connection.

Spirituality says that we are free to make choices on our own, and that we must accept personal responsibility for our actions.

Religion says that we must make their choices and act their way, depending upon a given religious denomination’s belief systems.

The theme of spirituality is fellowship through the employment of unconditional love.
The theme of religion is fellowship through fear and guilt.

Spirituality does not require us to make donations.
Religion has become a big business.

Spirituality says there is no Hell, no judgment, no angry God, and that we are loved unconditionally.

Religion says there is a Hell, God gets angry and judges us. Therefore, we are not loved unconditionally.

Spirituality says we are free to choose our own path to God.

Religion commands us to do it their way, depending upon a particular religious denomination’s beliefs.

Spirituality says we go to God to lighten our burden.

Religion has taught us to fear their God, depending upon a particular religious demonination’s beliefs.

Spirituality says we should not be ashamed of our sexuality. Rather, it should be a sacred celebration of love.

Religion has taught us to feel ashamed, guilty and dirty about our sexualty.

Spirituality teaches us to honor and respect Mother Earth.

Spirituality reminds us that we are one with God and one with each other.

Religion teaches disunity and separation which is the opposite of God.

Spirituality says God is within everyone and everything.

Religion says God and His messengers reside in Heaven and that “they” are the only intermediaries for us.

Spirituality says we are born in innocence and purity.

Religion says we are born with sin.

Spirituality teaches that we are on a long spiritual adventure and journey which will ultimately end by reuniting with our Source.

Religion says we have got one life to get it all right, and there is nothing but Heaven or Hell after that.

Spirituality says we are free to express.

Religion, over time, fostered the dreaded inquisition.

Spirituality teaches unconditional love for all.

Religion, over time, fostered the Crusades in which many were killed and slaughtered in the name of God.

Spirituality teaches that we should love one another unconditionally and always honor the rights and choices of others.

Religion treated Native Americans, the Mayans and other indigenous cultures as savage primitives who “must be saved.”

Spirituality teaches peace and harmony.

Religion has caused more wars and more killing than any other reason.

Spirituality says respect all living things.

I have never once heard any religion say stop slaughtering millions of trees every year for Christ’s birthday.

Spirituality teaches us to have faith in ourselves.

Religion teaches us to have faith in them.

Spirituality says we have all the answers, that we can find them by “going within.”

Religion teaches us that it has all the answers and only its answers are the right ones.

Spirituality teaches us to search for the Universal Truths, wherefrom our hearts will tell us when we have found them.

Religion teaches we have no choice but to accept their version of the Truth.

Which one feels better to you? Spirituality or religion?

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