Posted on 04-09-2009
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Hey lovies! Thank god for Freaky Friday! I’m so happy for the weekend. I’m going to another Dodger’s game. It’s going to be a blast. Good times, good people! Babies tell me something. Do you find that most of the people that you surround yourself with are pretty much like you? I have really been selective as to who I have been spending time with and talking to lately. The ones that I am close to are very much like me in many ways. We obviously have differences, but we just mesh really well. I realized that many of the people that I was surrounding myself with were really not out for my best interests. It is funny when you are surrounded by positive people, the negative ones stick out like a new set of tits…lol. I have seen some people of my past do and say some really mean things about me. I don’t know why, I don’t have any ill feelings toward the ones that I am thinking about. But obviously they have some ill feelings towards me. This is what is funny. If we’ve got beef and I know what it is, that great, whatever. At least I will understand why we mutually don’t like each other. But when there has never been beef and people just like to talk shit is this just because they are jealous? It is what everyone says about those people who can’t ever be happy for you. I don’t even need people to be happy for me. I am happy enough for myself. I just need my “friends” to be supportive not acts as weights that want to hold me down.

I’m the kind of person who really embraces change. I love and appreciate it. Without it things would never be different. Without change I would have never gotten into porn. Imagine all the awesome cock I would have been missing out on…lol.. Maybe some people don’t want things to be different. But the funny thing about that is those people are the ones that wish things would be different for them the most. But they never do anything different. There is a saying that goes “If you change nothing, than nothing changes” So simple yet so hard for people. How do you all deal with change? Is it something you embrace or something you push against? I think it is so important to get used to changing yourself. Changing yourself is all you have control over. For those people who wish that so and so would stop doing this and this. We should really change the way so and so effects us. I will never be able to stop other people from doing anything; all I can do is be in control of how I deal with them.

Like with my marketing business for my Wellness Company. I decided that I wanted to help my fans in any way that I can. And if that means partnering up with them to help them reach their goals, than that is what I will do. I have gotten such a great response from my post. I want to thank you all who have left us your info. I have had a chance to get to know so many of you so much more through this new business. It’s awesome. What’s funny are the people who are already hating on me for it.

Dear Haters~just because you’re not smart enough to understand business doesn’t mean you should hate on others who do. It is ok. You will get it one day, and I will still be here for you.

Sometimes people are just so used to living negatively that they assume everything that comes their way will screw them over. I hope you all know and trust me enough to know that I would never introduce you to anything that could screw you. Well in a bad way that is. ;-) I am here for my fans and I like to help you all any way that I can. That’s why my fans are the best! We can talk anything from sex, to sports, to business. So for any of you haters out there who want to talk shit about what I am doing. You can, it’s whatever. Me and the people who matter know what we are doing. I really wish for your sake however, that you find something for yourself to be for or about. But if you want to keep giving me your attention I will gladly take it. I’m very confident in EVERYTHING I do!

It’s all good though. Some people just like to talk about things that they don’t understand. Everyone does what is best for him or her and that is fine. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else wants to say about it. Babies, if you are surrounded by negative people or nay say’ers I totally suggest a cleaning of the shit…lol. I swear it is so important to go through the people that you are surrounded by and figure out how you feel when you are with them. If you like how you feel that’s great. If you don’t, you really need to move it on and find some people who you feel good being around. I think in life we clean out everything. Our house, car, closet, purse, bodies, pipes get cleaned out, everything. Taking inventory of the people in your life and identifying the ones that stink up the place is a good thing. Get rid of them. Doesn’t mean you don’t love them, but it does mean you don’t need them in your life on the daily.

It is nothing personal. But life is too short to be unhappy people! And to hang around unhappy people constantly. “Go where you’re celebrated not tolerated” I like to see myself with a white shield around myself. It is like my negative It is my protection. All we need is love bb’s! Start spreading some around. If you agree let me know! I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day babies. I hope your enjoying your Friday!



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