Posted on 02-09-2009
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Hey my sexy babies, It is hump me Wednesday, have you watched the videos on yet today? You’ve got to check them out. I’ve been having so much fun. I just came outside to write a little. It is so beautiful out here. I love that the trees are starting to change colors and I especially love watching the pigeons on top of the telephone poles. So peaceful and cool. Oh my god, I fucked myself so hard yesterday on my Naughty America cam show with my hairbrush that my pussy is still throbbing when I think about it. It felt so good!! It makes me want more. What do you think; all of this talk about yesterday is making me think I should play with my pussy right here and right now. While I sit on my porch and blog to you! I wish I were better at tying one-handed…lol. I’m so excited that you all must be really enjoying them. We have had such a great response. Are you all enjoying all of you memberships? I hope so! I want your feed back so that I can make them as good for you as possible.

Tell me what you like, what you don’t. Tell me what you want to see more of or what you want to see less of. I truly value your opinion. I think it is so important. With out all of you, my loyal loves I wouldn’t even need a website. So keep me fresh and up with what you want from me. I love your dirty little minds, and I know you love mine! ;-) So lets put our heads together and come up with some really hot, creative, never-seen before fucking. I love how I can go anywhere in my mind. It is truly the best place on earth. Not just my mind, but I think everyone’s mind is or can be fun. Do you know what I mean? If you close your eyes and see something happening and I mean really see it happening. Like feel it, describe it, smell it, whatever you have to do. When you close your eyes and do that, you really don’t know if it is real or fake. Think about it. Everything eventually turns into a memory anyway even the best day of your life. So why not reenact that scene in your mind. I swear, try it. Close your eyes and imagine having the car of your dreams. Look at it, unlock it, sit in it, turn it on, push on the gas, and go. If your really getting into it, your mind won’t know if you are doing it for real or not.

So I always suggest playing in your mind. Sometimes that’s the only place you could ever do something you always wish you could. And you know what, the more times that you picture it over and over in your mind, the sooner it will probably happen to you in real life!! Love when that happens. Do you know what I really want to know? What do some of you visualize doing to me? I want to hear from you.

I have to do a radio show tonight at 6 pm for KJAG Radio. This should be fun. I think they are a Midwest based radio station. It should be cool. Oh, I have also been booking girls for my new movie that I’m directing. I’m doing it for Diabolic. It’s going to be a lot of fun. So far Ava Rose, Pheonix Marie, Sadie West, myself, and Alexis Texas. Which one would you guys like? Jayden James or Hilary Scott? Leave me your thoughts if you don’t mind. I love that I can direct and perform. It truly teaches me the best of both worlds. I think there are smart ways of going about this business. I understand that everyone has a price. I have a price and people outside of porn have a price. When you apply for a job and they ask you how much you need to get paid, right there you are giving yourself a price tag. This is a tough question. What is my worth? Well hopefully we all think we are worth the most and are the most valuable. But the reality is when you can have an opportunity to do something great, even if the pay isn’t to the tee what you wanted, if it gets you more work in the long run it was worth it. Like me directing for example. This is my 4th series. Most people don’t even make more than 1 or 2. When I like girls I can also get them more work. The porn world is ever changing and there is always someone new up and coming. So it is important to leverage out your time and financial strategies. Girls also need to consider if they have the fan base for the price tag they are wearing. Things that are in demand cost more than things that are not. Porn is the same way. Sometimes from a director standpoint it is better for a company to pay someone with a big name just for the fan base they have. But I really try to be different. If I like you I like you, and your fan base won’t always make or break that for me.

That’s all for now babies, and remember
“No one ever attains very eminent success by simly doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.”
Charles Kendall Adams, Author

Also Stop fretting about the past! Don’t look back ppl! (rememba!) The windshield will always be bigger than da rear view mirror!

Enjoy your day babies,



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