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Where is Smokey the Bear at when you need him? Lol. Babies, help!! The smoke outside has been so thick that it is even hard to smoke a cigarette. Probably a good thing…haha! But I feel so terrible for all of the people losing their homes. Animals are dying and losing their homes as well. At least they don’t need mortgages..haha! Really though, it’s not that funny. Do any of you know people who have lost their houses to the fires? I do and it is so sad. How do you just leave your house to burn? It is like watching someone just light a match and slowly watching it destroy your home. I would be devastated. I guess as long as they are safe everything else is replaceable. So remember babies, and make a conscious effort not to throw out cigarette buts but put them out in an ashtray and also don’t forget to monitor your bbq’s. There have been fires started just by people who let their grills get out of control. Lets cook and smoke responsibly ;-)

​I had such a fun weekend. My assistant was in town visiting. He is always a good time. It was very rewarding for me because I was able to teach him how to swim. I felt so bad when he told me that no one had ever taken the time to do that. Anything I can do to help ;-) We also went to an Angel’s game. It was a blast. I sat next to the cutest little boy. He was wearing the other teams jersey and was such a little rebel. Too cute. I felt so bad for him because I was sitting there munching on some peanuts and he kept on asking his dad for some. His dad just kept telling him no, so I would sneak some over to him on the DL. Finally his dad took his little brother to the bathroom, so I bought him his own bag. I was like whoa, this dad keeps leaving his son here with me at the game. Who does that? I guess he knew I was “good people” so he felt comfortable, but still I don’t think I would ever leave my child alone with just anyone. I’m glad it was me sitting there and not some weirdo!! The little boy was telling me about his mom and when her bday was. She is a Sagittarius like me. Too cool, maybe that’s why the little boy liked me so much. Oh and this little boy pulled out his first tooth at the game. It was so funny he was really excited. I love little kids.

​Traffic was a bitch on the way back. They had all of the freeways closed down because of the smoke and fires. It took us forever to get home. It was crazy because I have never really been out that way and I saw the fireworks from Disney Land. I don’t understand how they can be lighting off fireworks when the rest of the state is burning, but whatever. That was kind of crazy. It is so awesome though to have company in town. I love when my friends and family come to see me. Now if I only can get my one home girl here, cuz she is the only one who hasn’t been out to La La Land yet to see me. It’s all right though, she’s practically married and has a little girl she stays home with. But anyways, I had to take my assistant to the airport yesterday. So sad to see him go. It’s all right though, because that just means that it is back to work mode.

I’m so excited about the response you guys have given to my other business. It might be surprising to some of you that I would do marketing for a Wellness Company, on the side. But they are so great it also helps me keep my good looks. Haha! I love taking care of myself and my surroundings! I think it is crucial to living a healthy life. And the fact that I can make money and save it at the same time is also appealing ;-) I love that I get to partner up with you guys also. I want you all to understand the big picture of this business. It is a slow build business with a long-term reward. Not a quick build with a short-term reward. This business can pay you, and you can pass it on to your kids, and they can pass it on to their kids. I’m so excited that so many of you see the big picture like I do. So here’s a big warm welcome to everyone who have joined us. Lets continue to spread the good word and help each other get paid!

Mark your calendars babies, I could be coming to your town. My first stop is to The Spearmint Rhino in Oxnard, CA Oct. 15, than I will be going to the Spearmint Rhino in downtown LA Nov 5, 6, and 7. December will be fun because I will be at Blue Zebra in N. Hollywood on Dec 17,18,19. If you want to see me at your club, make sure to go there and ask for me. I will see what I can do and hit up as many as I can for you all! I hope you will cum out and see me dance. There is nothing that I like more than to dance for my personal fans, which I create friendships with. So cum and see your favorite dirty girl in porn. You will have a great night with me, I promise you that. Well bb’s I’m going to go, I think I will say a prayer that all of the fires go out soon. Rain, rain would be great right about now. It never rains here. Sometimes it is nice. I wish it would.

Ciao Bella



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Hi my sexies, how are you guys today? Ah, I have been so busy. Yesterday was such a long day. I was on set forever. It is all-good though, it was a lot of fun and a lot of cum which makes me a happy girl. I am in total money making mode, and I’m loving it. I feel like I am in an awesome place in my life. Lately I have been feeling really weird though, like I am about to go into a transition or something. It’s really exciting. Thanks to all of you who have responded to partnering up with me. I am really excited to expand my business and know that some of you will make great business partners.

Because of today’s economy, many people are looking for a plan b. They are looking for an income source that can’t be taken away from them. For example going to work and finding out your company has shut down, or just down sizing in general. Worst feeling ever. Or when you are told you have to take a pay cut and won’t be getting your usual salary. Yeah right! When you are an employee if you work 40 hrs a week than you get paid for that 40 hrs. If you work 40 hours a week with us, you will get paid for a lifetime. That is true Residual Income. You can pass your business on to your family when you’re gone also. That is how people build true wealth, it isn’t about just being rich, it’s about being wealthy. I know a lot of people right now that used to be “rich” but now they aren’t. Most people know that you can’t get truly wealthy without a couple of streams of income coming in. But most of all some of them need to be recession proof. I feel so lucky to have learned this at such a young age.

I did want to tell you though that due to the overwhelming amount of inquires we are receiving we do not email information. We will only be responding to those who include a valid phone number. If you do not want to be called than please don’t fill out this form (or copy and paste into your url.)?

Click or copy and past the url below to fill out the form

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

We understand any hesitation to give out personal information due to the endless amounts of scams. However, for that very reason, we call and interview with you to determine whether or not this is for you. I don’t play when it comes to business and money…lol So please serious inquiries only. We do not send blind emails with lengthy information which can never clearly explain or program. I hope you guys are as excited as I am to have you be a part of our team. I hope that you guys see this how we do, it can completely change your life if you want it to. Tell me babies; if you started working for yourself and became financially free how would you spend your time? What would you do during the day when you’re not working?

I’ve got to get up and get ready to pick up my assistant from the airport. Oh dear. I think I’m going to be a little late getting him. Lol. I get so caught up in what I am doing. Especially when I am excited about something. Lol.

I really wanted to masturbate a little before I left. But now that I’ve been on the computer for a little while if I do that than I will be really late. Hmm…. What to do what to do. You know my pussy always wins and I am going to have to go play with my toy real quick. Ha! Ha! I’m just thinking about sitting in traffic. If I don’t go play with my pussy now I know I will sit in traffic and wish that I would have. I should bust out one of my vibrators in the car while I’m stuck in traffic. Lol. My windows are tinted…lol. What would you do if you pulled up next to me and saw me doing that? Would you love it? Have you guys ever masturbated while driving? Where you actually moving or where you pulled over and parked? Will your girl or guy play with you while you are driving? Ladies, the next time you have the opportunity reach over and pull out your mans cock and start sucking it for him while he is driving. I promise he will love it. Guys you better swear you will keep your eyes on the road!! Lol! Got it! ;-)

All right babies, I have really got to go. I love love love you all! Have a wonderful day



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Hi babies, I hope you’re all having a great week.  I had such a great weekend that I had to spend all day yesterday recouping.  Love that!  Lol.  How was your weekend boo’s?  I hope it was fantastic.  I started my weekend by going to Palm Springs to the Nudie Resort with some friends of mine.  We had a ball.  I really need to move into a nudist community.  I feel so at home while I am there.  We just drank and hung around the pool.  It was very relaxing and fun.  What else did I do, this weekend, oh I barbequed outside and I also went to a Dodgers game.  They won so it was awesome.  There were so many sexy boys there.  I love going to the games and checking out all of the hot men.  So many of them wearing their jersey’s and looking damn fly in them.  A Jersey and a cute pair of jeans and I am done!!  Lol.  I’m a sucker for manly men.  I ate lots of nuts, and drank lots of beer.  We had a ball.  I love how rowdy you boys get while watching a sport that you’re into.  I’m sure the beer helps with the rowdiness…lol but whatever.  I just think it is cute how passionate you get about it.  That is entertaining in itself for me.  My babies, what is your favorite sport?  And who is your favorite team?  While you’re here let me know.

I am sitting at the airport right now.  I am waiting on my flight.  I have to go to Vegas for the day to do a meet and greet.  It is for Movie Gallery and Zero Tolerance and it is at the Mandalay Bay.  If you’re in the Vegas area you should definitely come check it out.  Or at least come to meet me!!  I had so many things to get done today before I headed here to the airport.  I actually had to push my flight back, because I was going to miss the first one that I was scheduled on.  It worked out better for me though anyways, because I was going to have to sit there for like 6 hours and wait for this even to start.  Lame-O, I’m so glad I don’t have to wait now, I hate waiting. I had to rush around to get my nails and toes done.  I had to get my eyebrows waxed etc. etc. etc.  I have had a couple of people almost step on my toes here at the airport and if they eff up my new polish job, I’m going to flip out on someone..haha!!

Omg, how funny, I am just sitting here on a chair waiting by my gate to get on the plane and I am blogging to you guys, when this chick just came up to me and introduced herself to me.  How funny and random.  She just came up to me, shook my hand and said hi, I’m so and so it is so nice to meet you.  I don’t know this girl.  I am thinking she might be in the biz, but I don’t know her.  How funny, that was random.  Lol.  Sorry babies, what was I saying.  Did I ever tell you guys about how I had a guy give me a $1000.00 chip for taking a picture with him?  Easiest G I ever made….lol.It was during the “eden” party for Adam and Eve.CRAZY!  I don’t really like to gamble so I don’t ever do much of that.  I do love to go to Vegas for the shopping though.  Best shops in the world are in Vegas.  I love that.  I’m glad I didn’t have 6 hours to kill there otherwise I’d be coming home with a lot more stuff than I left with.

How do you all feel about Vegas?  Do you like it there?  It seems like people either love it or hate it.  Most either like to gamble or don’t like to gamble.  What is the most money any of you have ever won there?  What were you playing?  Friends of mine are always either telling me how much money they blew there or how much money they made.  It is kind of funny.  It’s totally one extreme or another.  I would like to come here and be romanced though that’s for sure.  There are so many fun romantic things to do.  I am totally against getting married there though.  Most people who get married in Vegas that I know have gotten divorced.  I think most people just get caught up in the excitement of everything.  And all of the chapels don’t help either.  Put a little love juice in someone’s glass, and they will be marrying anyone at the end of the night.  Or probably morning.  Lol.  You know what I’m saying.  You all know what I mean, when you’re fucked up and have won a lot of money you are on cloud nine.  Almost anything sounds good except going to bed…lol.

Maybe Vegas weddings work out when they are planned and turned into a big event.  Not just a quick elope with no one there but Elvis to witness it.  I would love to think it is a place that would start your marriage off and see it last, but I don’t know enough success stories.  Someone please tell me one, so I can have an ounce of hope…ha.  Because it is a great place to party.   Well babies, my plane is about to board.  This has been perfect timing.  Wish me off to a good flight, and say a prayer for me, if you pray!  (Which I hope you do, to whomever is fine, prayers are great!)  I will talk to you all later.

Cum follow me on twitter if you’re not already!



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Hey baybaybay’s, it is Friday hooray! I hope your all as happy about it as I am. I hope you all love my 1st Feature Girl Roxy Reynolds as much as I do. That’s my girl. I decided to dedicate this blog to letting you guys get to know me even better. Here are some Fun Facts about me!

My favorite job so far has been porn. It has taught me so much about business that I think is so crucial in life. Second runner up though is definitely the nudist resort.
My bust size is a 34D
My Shoe size is 7 1/2
My favorite color is pink
My favorite toenail color is pink or colored tipped French
My favorite cologne is Jean-Paul Guittier
My favorite perfume is Pink Sugar
I like to drive suv’s over cars
Favorite City is Miami
If I could go anywhere right now it would be to Australia and then to the UK
I would rather be tan than pale
My favorite part of the day is the morning time
I prefer spring to summer and winter to fall. Winter is fun for me because of the holidays and my Birthday!
My favorite sex position is missionary
My biggest turn on is getting my shoulder bitten. I love it!
My biggest turn off is bad breath or body odor
Two favorite foods of mine are anything Italian or veggies
My favorite thing to do for a guy is to give him a blowjob
I love passion, kissing, biting, and toe sucking
An ideal first date for me is dinner and drinks
My favorite shot is a red headed slut
My favorite liquor is Crown Royal
I own my dream car. A Lexus Suv. The next car I want is a 1969 Volkswagen Camper Van
My long term goals are to own several more business
I would rather wear no panties when wearing a dress. But I prefer a thong when I have pants on.
My favorite clothes are Marciano
My favorite movie genre is comedy; I used to love watching Night at the Apollo back in the day
Some of my favorite shows are Nurse Jackie, Entourage, Weeds, Sex & the City, and The United States of Tara
My favorite 2 actors are Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara
My favorite cartoons growing up were The Smurfs, The Care bears, My little pony, and fraggil rock
I prefer Nike to Adidas
My 2 favorite sushi rolls are a lobster roll and a spicy tuna roll
I prefer Coke to Pepsi
I like dogs more than cats
I like to wear my hair blonde in the summer and brown in the winter
I prefer short hair on men to long
My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween
I despise fast food
I would rather take a shower than a bath
I like a sauna more than a hot tub
I love anything with a clean scent
My 2 favorite books are The 48 Laws of power and you can Heal Your Life
I like Borders more than Barnes & Noble
I would rather go to the pool than the beach
But I like the ocean more than a lake
I would rather live in a ghetto than a trailer park
I love home cooked meals. I would rather eat at home that out at a restaurant
I would much rather go for a walk than go for a run
One porn star I would like to bang would be Jenna Jameson. She is such a legend and veteran in the biz, I would love to work with her
My cigs of choice are Capri Menthols
My favorite beer is Bud Light or Corona Light
The sweetest thing a guy has done for me was go to Fredericks and Victoria’s Secret. He got me a bunch of lingerie bra’s and panties. But the cute thing was that none of it matched…lol. He just saw something he liked and grabbed it. Not thinking about having matching sets…lol. You boys are too cute!!
I drive with my left leg up on the car seat.
I would rather go camping than stay at a 5 star hotel
I’m such a homebody I would rather stay in and watch a movie than go to the theatre
I like chocolate more than candy
My favorite sport to watch is Football, but to play is basketball
My favorite subject in school was math
The hottest actress is Demi Moore
The most beautiful women in the world is my mom
I used to want 4 kids until I got 4 dogs. Now I think I want 1 or 2
I would rather be on the computer than watch TV
If I could have lunch with one person dead or alive it would be Donald Trump
Hip Hop and Rock are my favorite types of music
I have the best fans ever!!

I love you all, and I hope you enjoyed reading the Fun Facts of Courtney!!
Have a great day babies!!



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BAbies, Feature Friday is finally here!! Are you ready for our first hottie? It is my home girl, the one, the only Roxy Reynolds. I love this girl. She is by far one of my most favorite girls in the business. Together we truly are Ebony and Ivory. I had such a good time interviewing her. We talked about everything. Read about it below, here’s what Roxy had to say.

I called her and asked where she was currently at because she is from the ATL. She told me that she is out in D.C. on a boat with some of her friends. They were chilling out cruising on the Chesapeake Bay. She had been chillin and vacationing a bit and having fun. I asked her what she had been working on; she said that she has been working on her company RR Production. They are introducing a new company called Hard Body Entertainment. I love that she is a woman owning a Production Company putting out her vision. She is shoots Gonzo with a hip hop vibe. She has been shooting for her Latin line with Angel Eyes and Carmen Hayes. Carmen Hayes just won the Big Boobs of the Year Award. You know I had to keep it nasty by asking her if she had tasted her. Listen in to find out what she had to say. She has been doing a lot of directing. She is already quite an entertainer. And has only been in the biz for almost 3 years. Make sure you check out her websites at and . She is still a spokes model for Black Ice. She does signings as well as box covers. That is actually how I met her. Black Ice is a sister company to Zero Tolerance. I told her I wanted to work with her again. I have banged her before in Courtney’s Pussy Cats. She forgets to tell you guys that I made her squirt…lol. She loves her some Courtney. So she decided she wanted to shoot together again on August 29th. I love working with her. My fans love her and her fans love me. We have a great time at our signings. We seriously are like Ebony and Ivory. I told her how I noticed that she changes her hair a lot. This girl is hilarious. You’ve got to listen to hear her, reading this does no justice. Haha. But she continued to tell me that she’s not just a porn star, but also a model. And also some people have big heads and others have small heads. Some girls can’t switch up their hair like that. LOL She is absolutely a riot.

I wanted to know what her opinion of what she thinks others think of when they hear Roxy Reynolds. She said sweet, innocent, gangster, a sweet person, the queen of riding cock, she can go so hard, and that she is the best rider in the game. I will say she does have a perfect booty. I asked her about the Urban X Awards. She was the host and commented that it was nice and went smooth. She wonders if hosting kept her from winning, but regardless she won 2 awards last year. She says she would like to go mainstream. She would also like to do live cam shows all over her house. Everything that goes on in my house goes on the web.

I asked Roxy what her craziest fan experience was she said it was when she had checked into a hotel room and left for a little while. When she came back there was champagne, some fruit, and a note with this guy spilling his guts to her. During her stay he did show his face to her. He followed her out to her car and and almost wouldn’t let her leave. She basically almost had to run that fool over…lol. She said that she has been followed home and sent creepy emails. She has had to move because of it. Her favorite food is Italian and her favorite beverage is Pepsi. I asked her if there anywhere she could go that is all expense paid, where would it be? She said Japan. Her shoe size is 8 and bra size is 34 B. She just got her nipples pierced. She likes them. She decided not to get her titties done so she wanted to add a couple of accessories.

I wanted to know what her first thought was when she thinks about me, she was so sweet, she said that I look for the best situation for each person involved in things, I helped her out in business before and she said thanks because I didn’t have to give her the ins and outs like that. She also said that she like that I go hard. Hell yeah! I did want to know what she doesn’t like like about me, so I asked her. She said it is cuz of my cig habit. Lol. Haha! She really is the sweetest you guys have got to check her out. You can find her and go check her out you will love her.

Make listen in while I gave her this interview, it was a lot of fun. Have a fabulous day babies. I’m off to a nudist resort. I can’t wait to lay my naked bootie by the pool. How will you guys be enjoying the weekend?



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Huy boo boos!! how are we doing today? Its cam show Wednesday and I hope you will all join me! I have had so much running around to do today beforehand. I wanted to talk to you all today about something that I am into. For the past year or so I have been working a little bit with this company. An International Wellness Company that I do marketing for. This is a business completely outside of porn but you all know how I love to work, I love to help people, and I love to make that money!! Lol. I learned how important it is to have multiple sources of income. Especially income streams that are not affected by a down economy. The porn industry has definitely been affected, but it is ok. Once again, you just have to figure out how to work with the market. One of my very best friends introduced it to me, and I have been in love ever since. The reason I love this company is because it gives me the opportunity to work with people and help them change
their lives. It allows EVERYONE the chance to make an income that most only dream about. As well as receive recognition

I have found that there are so many reasons that people like to work from home and for themselves. People who need to have a more secure financial future, people who are sick of their daily commute, or people who are just sick of their ass hole bosses. Lol. Yeah I said it lets keep it real. Because some people don’t even know how to act anymore when they get some authority. All up on a power trip when you get a new title…lol. I know so many people who go to work at their 9-5er on a daily basis and absolutely hate it. But usually they hate who they are working for. That sucks. To go to work daily and be miserable is no fun. At least I don’t think so. I mean I have bad days on set sometimes but I couldn’t imagine it being everyday. Work is supposed to be fun. Shit we do it for our WHOLE LIVES. Ya know what I’m saying! So this is why I am writing this to you all. My girl and I are really looking to expand our business. We are
looking for a few sharp people to join our team. If you’re down for making money and you like to help people this might be for you.

It is a great business to have go along side anything else you are already doing. Just to bring in the added cash. If you are looking to make extra money or you know someone who is than, get in contact with us. This business also works out well for women with kids. If you know any moms who would like to be able to work from home so they can be home with their children, than this is perfect for them. It allows women to be able to make a corporate income in turn affording them the luxury of staying home their kids. I think it is great to be able to bring families home to spend more time together. When I have a baby, I definitely want to dedicate my time to him/her and stay home. What I love the most though is that this is a true residual income business where you can build it and get paid on it for a lifetime and then some. It just makes sense and that’s why I like it.

But ultimately we are looking for people who are motivated, hard working, and ready to team up to develop a life long business with us. So if you think you would want to do that and are needing or wanting to make and extra $2,000 to $20,000+ a month than we need to talk. So babies, I’m going to post my girls email addy below for you.

Please leave the following in the email.
Phone Number
What is you monthly income goal?
How much time you do have a week to put into your business?

If you guys leave her the email than we will get back with you and schedule a time to show you what we do! Let me know babies, I look forward to speaking with you all!

I am going to get going. I’m running behind, and I need to get the show on the road. I hope you all have a fabulous day! Peace, love, and Pleasure ;-)

Love you bunches


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Posted on 17-08-2009
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Hey babies, I’m back. Sorry about the little hiatus. I was having cyber world issues, and am in the process of getting them handled. How are you? I have missed you all going deep with me on my blog site. I have been awesome. I danced this weekend and had such a great time. It is so nice when I spend time at a club with happy people. Everyone at the club was so gracious and welcoming. The girls were all super sweet to me, and the guys gave me a wonderful warm welcome as well. I have been to so many clubs where the girls are jealous and hatin’ on me. It is really funny. So it is so refreshing when the energy is switched up a bit! Thanks to all of you who came out to see me at my shows, some of you boys are a rowdy bunch. Just like I like it!! I love when I can be you’re nasty girl in person. This is my favorite part about dancing. So many of my fans come from all over the place to see me perform so I love that I can thank them by giving them the best dance ever. I love you my loyal babies. It was crazy how packed the club was. My roadie was great too I love taking him to my shows with me. He helps me so much. Thanks Johnnie you’re the best.

Why do people hate ya’ll? I just really don’t get it. I have a lot of haters out there; don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of lovers too. But I just really think it is funny. Think it is really funny. All I can do is laugh at people like that because it is sad how much time they take talking trash about EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. Especially girls, they hate on other girls, fashion, guys, whatever. Why can’t people just be like whatever? If you don’t like it cool. Go find something you like. Why do you have to go on and on about what it is you don’t like. “I guess that’s why they say keep talking shit you’re making me famous” I don’t let it effect me. My haters are my motivators and that’s a fact. I have so many other people around me that show me love it really doesn’t matter what other people say. What is sad is that my haters don’t get much love, which is why they hate. Happy people know that they feel better when they say nice things to others, instead of tearing them down. So I just keep my head up and bless them. It’s all I can personally do.

So men, I have a question for you. Do you like it when your girl preps her booty hole before you two do anal? Or do you not give a shit? (Pun intended…lol) I don’t think some men realize what some girls do to prepare for getting fucked in the ass. I know I like to prepare. I’m such a freak about cleanliness that I think I do it for my own peace of mind. Sometimes it can get messy. Guys, do you care about the mess? Ladies do you prep yourself or just go with the flow? I know so many girls outside of the porn industry who are SO against ever trying anal. I tell them how much pleasure they are missing out on. Anal feels so fucking good. You’ve got to relax into it though for the first time. So many girls are scared. Ladies if you need some instructions on how to make it happen with ease, than let me know. It’s what I’m here for ;-)

So babies, I am having my web cam show tomorrow. Are you going to be joining me? You will love it because I am going to set my computer up on my T.V. so that I can watch what you guys are saying to me a little easier without straining my eyes. This will make my life so much easier. Ha ha! I have such a fun time talking to you all while I am masturbating. I am going to do it on the couch that I masturbate on while I am watching T.V. You guys get to see me in my house doing the daily all over my furniture….lol. I hope you’re getting off on it like I am. What has been your favorite show so far? Just wait for this one Tuesday. I can’t wait to use my new equipment. You and I will have a cum-azing time together! Right now if you join my site for a month you will get a free poster. I like to make it all well worth it for my babies. So join me, I promise to help you bust the best nut of your week!

Also babies, since my other site is down and I decided to keep the blogs rolling on my site to keep up with all that I have been talking about. This week I am happy to announce I will have my first Feature Friday FOR SURE…LOL. It will be with Roxy Reynolds and we will be bringing the hotness so get ready.

Well babies, I’ve got to go. Hi ho, hi ho, It’s off to work I go. I have a ton of meetings today and lots of paperwork to get done. Wish me luck while I sort through all of this mess. My doggies are barking at me too, I think they want to go out again for the 1 millionth time today. I swear I don’t know what it is but they are all about laying out today and I have too much to do inside…lol. Sorry honeys no doggie sun bathing today. They are such divas. But they are my babies!




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Posted on 12-08-2009
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Hey babies! Wow what a fun and productive day I have had today! It is absolutely go time!! Cam show, interview, shopping, and a meeting. Whew!! I did my interview this morning with Alison Rosen? Did any of you get a chance to watch it? It was really funny how we did it. I started my cam show with masturbation until she called and then I taped my self-getting an interview. It was funny because she was filming herself asking me the questions, and I was filming myself answering the questions. The only difference being she posts hers to youtube and I was live on my website. But if you guys want to check out her video of the interview than here is the link. It was pretty funny, people are always so surprised by my bluntness. It’s just me…lol. I’m so innocently honest that when I’m asked what I’m doing, I tell them the truth. I guess if you don’t really want to know, than don’t ask. Haha! If I was masturbating I’ll say it. I’m not really that scared to tell someone that I was just playing with my pussy. And you know something? I think that some people appreciate my honesty. I say what a lot of people wish they could say. Many people are just to shy to talk that way. Who picks the “socially acceptable” topics of conversation anyway? In my world it is ok to talk about sex. So I do. We are all having it anyway. I know whom I can and can’t talk like that around, so that is all that matters. But I thought Alison was really cool, I had a lot of fun. My cam show went really well too! There were some newbies on and I’m so happy. I hope that since it was early in the morning it was more convenient for some of you. I love to accommodate all of my babies!! It was hot, because I was able to play with myself while all of my sexies were talking dirty to me. Loved it!!! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. I can’t wait to do it again!!

Awe, I’m so excited. You know what else I have to do today? I’ve got to go through my fan mail. I so appreciate that you guys think enough of me to send me gifts, letters, etc. Opening it all up is always so much fun. It is kind of like X-rated Christmas…lol. I wanted to give a big shout out to Harold my little sweet country boy! He always sends me the craziest things and cutest post cards. He is always so loving and loyal, I just think he is adorable!! I also want to thank you guys for some of the stone jewelry you have sent. I think it is so cool how you have observed/learned about my love for stones and sent them to me. I have gotten some of the coolest rings and bracelet’s I have ever seen from my fans. You guys have great taste! Oh I also love my mixed cd’s, I get some really great music sent my way. It totally helps me when I’m chilling and needing some good tunes! I love that my fans are from all over the place; it really helps me get a wide variety of music, which I totally love!! I am so blessed to have you! <3 Love love love you all!!!

So my babies, are you having a good week? My week has gone pretty well, and I’m so glad because it’s been a busy one. It really makes them go by so quickly when you have a lot of stuff going on. Which is cool I guess. I have to get my stuff together for my weekend. I’ve got to go shopping in Hollywood today and find a couple of cute costumes. Hmmm, do all you have any suggestions? So who is planning on coming out to see me dance this weekend? Don’t forget I will be at the Spearmint Rhino in Rialto, Ca Thurs, Fri, and Sat. So grab your friends, girlfriends and boyfriends and cum watch the dirtiest girl in porn get nasty for you! Where are all of my California people? Where is your favorite strip club in Cali? I love the Rhino; I haven’t been there though in like a year, so it should be fun to be back in the curcuit!

Oh babies, I read a great quote today and I though it had a lot to do with sex. Not so directly that is…lol. “Living consciously involves being genuine; it involves listening and responding to others honestly and openly; it involves being in the moment.” Sidney Poitier

But this is so true when you are bangin someone. Now only does this really apply when you are feeling the person, because if you’re just looking to get off, some people don’t care about a whole lot. But when you’re investing some time and emotion into someone this is really true.

To have good sex you should GENUINELY want to be good and pleasing. You need to listen to what turns on your partner and respond to it!!! It is all about being in the moment. If your mind is somewhere else it will be so hard for you to reach an orgasm. You have to be IN the moment in order to get the most pleasure from sex. Don’t think about earlier or tomorrow, or analyze yourself, your perfect. Enjoy that sexy time ;-) Sit back and let your partner please you. Think about how good it feels, ENJOY THE MOMENT! It is all you have for sure!! Have you heard that quote “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present”? I love that saying!

Well babies, that’s all for now! I hope you’re enjoying your day!!

Hugs and kisses
Ex’s and Oh’s


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Posted on 04-08-2009
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Hey babies, how are you? I have had such a good day today. I love when the day just flows. I have been busy as hell all day, but its cool. Lots of fun! I did a solo masturbation shoot today on my iphone. Haha! You guys are going to love it. It turned out really well considering the fact it was hard as hell to do. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make your self cum and hold your phone up to record it all while keeping it kind of still for you to watch a clear picture. Oh my goodness. It was crazy. But fun of course. I also uploaded some other videos to my website. I love to keep it new, fresh, and nasty for you all so go check it out, and let me know how you like it.

Oh it was crazy. I did some editing today with my friend who is the editor for my videos. It was insane. We found videos of me at AVN from 2005. I looked like a fucking teenager. It was crazy. Totally inspiring but crazy. Seeing me like that really put a fire under my ass to lose these last 6 pounds. My body was so fit and trim back then. So sad! But I know I can do it. And ya know something, when I do; I am going to look better than I did 4 years ago. It’s on bitches. I have even gotten this new work out equipment. It comes with a diet too, so my roomie and I are going to do it together. Hopefully this will keep me more motivated to eat right if I have him here with me to help.

Ughhh, I have a meeting today to go to in a little bit. Lol. I don’t do behind a desk well. I get so fidgety and can’t sit still. If I could only conference myself in on my phone while I’m chillin at the pool. Wouldn’t that be nice? In my opinion desks are best used as props to fuck on…lol. Don’tcha think?? I will never forget this one teacher I had in college. He was so hot; I would fantasize about him all the time. While I was in his class I would imagine him bending me over and fucking me in the classroom. I always wanted it to be during school hours, on his desk and on top of his papers. It really turned me on how off limits the teachers were. I don’t like anyone to tell me I can’t do something. It was so fun to flirt with the HOT ones. Lol. Especially if they were young. This guy/teacher that I am talking about (who shall remain nameless…lol) was not that much older than me at the time. It was crazy that he was
teaching me. Now I could teach him a thing or two…ha! I should look him up, see if he’s still teaching, and see if he even recognizes me. He loved me when I was in school. But who knows. I look pretty different. Lol.

Oohh so I am really excited to share with you all, that I am going to start doing something new on the blogs. I’m going to be called Feature Friday! What I am doing is, I’m going to introduce to you all a new girl each week. I think it will be great, and I think you will really like it. I know so many beautiful and sexy girls in this biz, some are friends, some are acquaintance but all are damn fucking sexy in there own way!! We work together on different sets and shoots, so some of them you may already recognize. I figured you guys would like this, and it is my way of spicing it up a little! Things like pictures, intimate stories, and interviews will be up for you to read and see about them. So be on the lookout!

Twitter babies, I am having so much fun with you all. Thanks for all of the love and support you give me. You know I love you guys too! I hope you are enjoying my photos that I’m putting up on there. Even though they are a little more boring compared to the ones I was taking before I got my virtual spanking…lol. Whatever! Come follow me on Twitter if you aren’t yet.

All right lovers, I have got to get up and shake a tail feather…lol. I could get sucked into the computer for hours and hours at a time. Do you know what I mean? I feel like I get on and its one time and I look down again and like 2 hours have gone by. I am like were does the time go. It is even worse when I am working on the computer, because I zone out, and just do my work. But then before I know it the time seems to fly by. And I realize that I have been on the computer forever. So, I must keep this from happening today because I have too much hustlin’ to do today! I’m a hustler I’m a I’m a hustler.

Love you boos,

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