Posted on 29-07-2009
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Hi babies, I need some cheering up today. I am starting to get a little stressed because the 3 men in my life whom are the closest to me are sick. And I’m not talking about having the flu. My father, grandfather, and close guy friend all have cancer. It is really starting to effect my life. I have been trying to stay strong, and have faith that they will be ok. But sometimes it gets hard to stay upbeat all the time. I start feeling badly because I don’t see my father or grandfather as much as I would like to. Knowing that they have this disease is so scary that they could die at any time. But in the same sense my friend that I get to see often, goes and gets treatments done. It is so hard for me to see what it does to his body afterwards. He gets so weak. So I’m not even sure anymore if it is better to be there all the time or if it’s just easier to remember more about the times you have spent with that person. Easier yeah, but I
still wish I could see my dad and grandpa more often!

Maybe it was all the talk about people living with diseases in yesterday’s blog, but it really hit me today. I guess because there are 3 men in my life who are all so close and dear to my heart, going through the same kind of thing and nothing is changing. Can anyone relate to what I am going through? Probably! It seems everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer and it is devastating. I wish I could do more to help others. I guess that is my problem. I wish I could do something that would take this sickness away from them. I feel sort of helpless when it comes to this. I always try to help people whenever they have a problem. If I can supply them with help I always do! So here I am stuck because, there is no actual guaranteed cure to cancer. Chemo is an option, but also so hard on the body. Also hard to watch and go through. Not that that matters, whatever will work. But where are the foolproof answers. The answer without
some horrible but that comes afterwards. We could do this….but…..or this but….. It just sucks!

All 3 of these men have had such an impact on my life. All is such different great ways. No one will ever take the place of your father and grandfather. Good positive male role models are so important for a girl to have. They were so great. I love them so much. The situation with my boy just sucks. I have known him for many years. We have been through a lot together. I have a handful of people I consider close friends here in Cali, and he is definitely one of them. Our relationship has even gotten to be a little more than just friendly throughout the years! He is a lot of fun! I want to cherish all of the time I have with him! I can’t even think of anything except that he will be getting better!

How do you guys deal with illness in others? It is one thing if I am sick, I feel like I have more control over myself than others. I’m kind of glad that I’m not out and about on set working today. I am not sure I’d be in the right mind set. I am still horny as hell though. I have my little boy toy coming over today because I need some dick. I layed out naked all day with my girl again. It was wonderful. We have such a good time together. I had a few drinks and realized I really needed to cum. So I’m so glad my boy is cumming over to help me out with that! Anything to take my mind off how I have been feeling!!! We even went and got my nails and toes done earlier. Sometimes this helps me feel better. It helped a little, but I’m not sure what will really help completely. They look so pretty!! Ready to get sucked on, who would like to??!? I love having my toes and feet rubbed and sucked, sometimes it is so perfect and exactly
what I need!!

Have you checked out my web shows yet? I am having a really good time with them. They are so much fun. I don’t know what I would do without my work. You guys make my life so much fun. We have been having a great time at my sitewww.CourtneyCummz.com . I love chatting with all of you. If you haven’t yet you need to make sure you join before my next cam show on Sunday. This one is going to be the hottest one yet, so you will not want to miss out! If you missed my pool cam show, I’m sorry. Lol. That shit was so hot. The best part was the orgasms the jets were giving me. Loved it!!! I love some of the suggestions you guys gave me for my outfits and scenes. I love your input! So keep it cummin’. You guys always help put a smile on my face. If you haven’t said hi to me on here yet please do. I love getting to know my fans and love to chat onwww.Twitter.com/CourtneyCummz so if you want to get to know me even better, than check me
out there also!!

Well babies, I think I’m gonna get up and make another drink. I’m feeling so good right now; I want to keep this body buzz going. Omg, I just caught my neighbor staring at my girl through his window…lol. He loves it cuz we are always out here naked…lol. Haha! I wonder what he is doing on the other side of that window?? Love it!!

Have a good day boos!!





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