Posted on 16-07-2009
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Hey my sexy babies. How are you all doing today? I am feeling better today and am so glad about it. A little R&R does my body good I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me yesterday. Something just came over my body! I feel so blah and boring when I’m out of commission. So now that I’m getting better it is time to play catch up. I’ve got some running around to do today. I’m getting ready for Florida! I am really looking forward to it. Florida makes me happy. It is my favorite state to be in!! I hope the sun is shining!! I am ready to get wet and wild in the pool. It is so crazy to me when people ask me how I could like the Florida heat? They usually say they would rather the desert heat over the Florida humidity. What do you all think? I totally disagree with them. I would rather the humidity. It is better for you too! The only thing it sucks for is your hair. Ladies you hear me…lol. So what’s been happening you guys? Anything new with any of you? Do any of you have any trips that you are looking forward to go on? If not plan one babies. Go somewhere, anywhere, traveling is good for the soul. Plan a trip to come see me the next time I am around your area. I would love to meet you. Or another idea, this could put some more spice in your life…go on a nudist cruise. Have you guys heard of these? I can’t wait to go on one!! I think I would love it! Do you think you would try it?
So tell me what you all think about this. Maybe I am a bit sensitive but it’s getting really old. People start acting so funny when they start getting a little power do you agree? Have any of you ever worked with someone who has gotten promoted and they try to turn into the Head Bitch in Charge? Fuck the being in charge all they really claim the title to is being a bitch! It is so funny to me how many people change when they get a little money or a new job title. It is like really? I think people should never forget where they came from and who they are. I guess I’m just really getting annoyed with people who want to act like assholes these days. I used to engage them and get shitty with them right back. But I can’t even do it anymore. I am so over letting people piss me off that I start acting like an idiot like them I can’t even tell you. I have really been trying to contain myself lately. Which is probably why it is bothering me so much. Normally I would get into an arguing match but now since I don’t I feel it all building up….lol. I might explode.haha! How do you guys respond to people who are grumpy? Do you tell them to fuck off or do you ignore them? Sometimes I think though when I am trying to go the nice way out that people think they can say whatever they want to me and I will just sit there and take it. So often it is hard to just keep my mouth shut. It does keep me from getting into arguing matches but sometimes I still have to let it out sometimes.
I’m getting so hungry. What do I have a taste for….hmm… Maybe a Greek salad and hummus. I love hummus. What are your favorite restaurants? I love sushi; it might be my favorite food. I eat it with the soy or rice paper though. I can’t get down with the seaweed. Lol. My fav sushi restaurant is Katsuya sushi here in LA. MMMM…I also love Ruth Chris. Oh so delicious!! Tell me some of your favorite foods. For dessert I like anything that can be licked off of me! Lol… Icecream, hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles. These sweets are so yummy and make sexy time so much fun
I saw the funniest video the other day online. I wanted to tell you about it. I was laughing so hard. There was a guy sitting in his car and he must have gotten real horny. I don’t know if he was waiting on someone or if he just pulled over specifically to give himself a hand job. But he was going to town on his cock without any regard to being in public. Did I mention that the sunroof to his car was open? Yeah this is how everyone on the 3rd floor of the building he was parked next to was able to watch him. So they start taking video of this guy and everyone is laughing. All of the sudden one of the guys from the office goes outside, walks next to this guys car in front of his front window. The guys stops looks at him like WTF?? And the guy from the office points up to the building where the guy sees everyone watching him. It was funny but I even almost felt bad for the guy. He seemed very embarrassed he sped away so fast in his car! Lol… Hey he was horny, what can you say. Haha! It was a great video you guys should look it up…what would you do if you pulled up next to me in the car and saw me masturbating at the stoplight? Would you join in with me? That would be a hot scene huh?
Well babies, if your feeling horny go to my websites and watch some of my new footage. You will love it! I have been so horny lately so I have been adding a lot of stuff!!
And remember the best way to get what you “want” is to give it to others! I hope you all enjoy your night!!

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