Posted on 10-07-2009
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Hi babies, Its Fuck Me Friday!! Are you down to get dirty with me? Maybe it will help me feel better. I woke up this morning so sick. I was throwing up and everything. I’m thinking it was some bad sushi or something because that is what I ate last night. I woke up in the middle of the night so sick. So I got a later start on the day than I had planned. I can’t stand not feeling well. I knew I had a long drive and day ahead of me so I had to take it easy this morning. I’m in San Diego shooting for the web cam show NaughtyAmerica.com today and staying the night tonight. I love it here. I have so much fun every time I come.

My day shooting was great. I did a solo masturbation shoot. Lots of throat fucking, and ass slapping going on. It was great. I had my cameraman help me out a little bit too. I really like being spanked. My pussy even played with a hairbrush a little, she purred a lot ;-) . So much fun. You know what helps while I’m doing these masturbation scenes? There were so many hot girls here that it was easy to make myself cum. So needless to say TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY! I am going to finish my day shooting scenes for my website. You guys have to check it out; I will be in my hotel room filming. You will love it, I am feeling nasty!! www.CourtneyCummz.com

You know I want to talk to you guys about Steve McNair, what a tragic death. I feel like it was such a horrible way for them to die. Suicide is never the answer. First and foremost though I feel so sad for his kids. They didn’t deserve to lose their father like this, but you never know, I guess, what God’s plan is. I feel really bad for his wife too. I am sure she must feel like her husband led a double life. I can personally relate as I have gone through something similar. She probably feels like she didn’t even really know him. I totally see a pattern with men who need to live their naughty side with anyone else but their wife or girlfriend. Why the hell are they with these girls if they can’t be real with them? Life keeps proving to be too short to waste it being untrue to whom you really are. And no one should stay in a relationship if they can’t be real with the other person. His wife will forever wonder I’m sure what the hell his girlfriend was doing that she wasn’t. And who even knows what she will tell her kids. I couldn’t even imagine.

Why the hell didn’t he just hire a prostitute? When you have a life you want to protect you must make sure you go about things the best way possible. A paid-girl would have kept it strictly business. Hasn’t anyone seen fatal attraction? You can’t go messing around with people’s hearts and expect no one to get hurt. He was paying this girl anyway in some sense. Had he been paying a prostitute to fuck him and let him be how or who he wanted to be, than he would probably still be alive today. Girls fall in love and some of them are crazy (obviously) and do some crazy shit. I know I have…haha! Not that crazy though! I wonder if this girlfriend thought he would marry her or something. Did she even know he was already married? How could she not? You know she had googled him when they first started hooking up.. haha!

Guys what do you think about this? Men have you ever considered this kind of repercussion to your actions? I know this can happen to anyone. Have any of you ever had to deal with a crazy lover? When I heard everyone talking about what a great guy he was it made me wonder. Unless their home got randomly broken into and the robbers killed them, something’s weren’t all that great. It cracks me up all of the athletes who are holding bible studies before or after practice. That is all good and great and all. But when they read and preach the bible and then go out with their girlfriends at night while their wives are at home with their children. That shit is so funny to me. Go find a new religion if that is how you want to live your life. Become a Mormon or something if you’re into the more that one girl thing. The bible doesn’t really condone adultery. I don’t claim to know the bible front to back or anything; however, I know that much to be true.

I am not by any means throwing stones at anyone. I don’t know their personal lives whatsoever! I am just giving my thoughts on the story. I have also gone through something similar like I said earlier so I guess this story just really struck a cord with me. The saddest part to this story could be that the girlfriend thought this was the only way out. Life is so important, it is really all we have right now for sure. I don’t think anyone should take their own or someone elses. The things in life that get us down really if you think about it and breat it down are our thoughts. If the thought that you keep thinking over and over is making you feel sad, mad, or suicidal than move that thought on. That is the wonderful part of having a mind, WE CHOSE what we want to think about. I don’t care how negitive the situation is that you are going through, whatever you can think about that will move you on to being a little happier is what you should do. Nothing lasts forever no matter how bad the situation. You always have the choice to look at things in a different light.

Well babies enough of the heavy talk for today. I’m ready for some pillow talk. Or pillow biting hmmm..which one…lol. I hope you all have a fabulous day, and remember think your happy thoughts, you are the creator of all things happening in your life!!



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