Posted on 09-07-2009
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Hi babies, I want to call today Give Thanks Thursday! So thank you to all of my loyal fans and friends for being so wonderful. I love you all so much! What are you all thankful for today? I have a question for all of you reading this. Do you think people are genuinely happy for you when things are going well in your life? It always seems like when something great is going on and you want to share your news, someone is there with their negative words of wisdom. WTF? Why? Do they not realize how rude it is. If I am asking for advice that is one thing to give it. But if I am not, I don’t care what you think or what happened to your friend or blah blah blah and you should keep your fucking mouth shut! I’m sorry but this kind of shit pisses me off. I feel like people have a hard time with those who don’t live inside of the box. I think this is what people from other countries are talking about with Americans. No one is “allowed” to have their own individuality. And people are jealous if you get too successful. Most people are trying to keep up with the Jones’. If you push the envelope and do things differently than you are looked at differently, talked about, and treated differently.

When you really think about it, some of the greatest people in the world were considered the strangest. They didn’t think inside the box and they were definitely cut from a different cloth. Einstein is one that comes to mind. He was a genius but was aslo known to walk around the streets at night in his robe muttering to himself. In America he would be looked at as a crazy person or a bum. Why is this? Some people are so concerned with what other people are doing. That they spend their own valuable time talking shit about others. Is it because their own lives are so boring and meaningless that they have nothing better to do? It is crazy to me. Some people get crazy psycho about your life also. Have any of you ever had a friend that you thought was a little weird with you? They come over with the same shit they just saw you buy, or they try to get in with your men that you’ve been with? That kind of shit I can’t deal with. Its like, does this person like me, hate me, or want to be me? Almost like that movie Single white female. What you all think?

Families especially seem to have a hard time dealing with the things that their family members do. When a family member goes against the grain and does something outside of what is traditional. I have seen so many girls that have messed up relationships with their parents because they do porn. (A lot of them had messed up relationships before porn, but that sure as hell didn’t help) I am lucky I guess that my family and I just don’t speak of it. Don’t ask don’t tell type of thing ya know. It works for us. But on the flip side it is a major part of my life that I don’t let them in on. I feel like it is ok though, no one really tells their parent every time they get fucked anyways right? Haha!! Why would I?? But I know many people with fucked up family lives because of what they grew up to be. Even in the non-porno world. Whether it was because they didn’t go into the family business, or they didn’t go to the school they wanted. We all get our OWN life to live. Why do so many try to plan out other peoples. Not even so much plan out, but why do people let others lives effect them personally. What happened to unconditional love. Doesn’t that mean, that I will love you no matter what the condition? This is so the opposite from what a lot of people practice. Most people are like I need you to act like this, and stop doing this, etc, etc so that I can look at you and be happy. So let me get this straight. You can only be happy if I do or act like this, this and this etc. Doesn’t that sound sad. Happiness is up to the person living the life. If it is your life make it a happy one. If it is someone elses life, than they are going to make it, not you! I guess it is called Do You! Fuck all of the haters. If they are hatin’ they can go back to masterbat’in I don’t want to fuck with them!! Lol..

I like to be different. I love to live outside of the box. I had so many people try to tell me not to get my tattoos and that they would be bad for business. You know what I was just talking about people who want to put down things your excited about? Exactly!! Why would I let other people tell me what is right for my body and my life? I am who I am and I will always stay true to it. I love all of my tattoos. I am so still so glad that I have all of them. How do you guys like them? Do you have tattoos of your own? What are they of and what is there significance to you?

Well babies, I have to get up and get going soon. I have another busy day today. More of my favorite things to do, sucking and fucking! Do you want some? How did you all like yesterdays blog? Do you enjoy hearing about my scenes? Do you want more dirty details to my hot and horny life? Let me know and leave some comments as to what else you want to hear about. I’ve got to get going and clean up a bit before I leave. Does anyone out there want to clean my house naked for me?? Wouldn’t that be great a naked cleaning service? How hot! I would love it!! ;-)

I love you babies, have a fabulous day!!



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