Posted on 08-07-2009
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Hi babies, Happy hump day! I hope you’re all having a good week. I have been so busy. I have been working a lot. I had to finish up a scene today from Monday. The day was nuts and people were acting BATSHIT CRAZY So we decided to just finish it up today. I was shooting with this guy and it was fucking fabulous. I really enjoyed myself. I have been doing so many pussy scenes that it was nice getting fucked in the ass for a change. I am a little sore from that fucker though; my ass was so tight that he tore it up with his big cock. I loved every minute of it though How often do you guys fuck or get fucked in the ass? Is it something you like to do often? Or is it something that you only get on occasion? How does the person your giving it too feel about it? Do they like it? Do you wish you would get it more often?
I love it! Oh my did I mention how sun burnt I am on the whole right side of my body from yesterday? My ass is so red and it hurts. Who wants to rub some aloe on me?? Lol. I worked for this website RealityKings.com. It was a great day. The director Greg was awesome love him and the talent Voodoo was so great too. We had lots of fun together. He left me with two little bite marks on my nipple from biting them so hard. But wow did they take the best pictures of my ass. It looked so big and banging. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. I wish I could get my ass to look like that always. Would you guys like it if my ass if it was BIGGER. I love it and would love it!!
I have learned so much about life being in the porno industry, but I have really learned a lot about how people treat others and how I want to be treated. I have worked with so many people that I have seen you get so much more through being nice and respectful. Why get cranky when you are working on something or with someone. It doesn’t help out the situation at all. When I shoot girls and talent, I want them to feel comfortable. I would never sit there judging them or talk shit about them when they leave the room. I want my girls especially to feel sexy and confident. That is what will come through on camera. If girls are in a bad mood they won’t shoot well. I tell my girls how hot they are making me and how turned on I am by watching them. This makes them feel good. We are watching beautiful people fucking, how much better does it get really?? What could really make you that grouchy? How much better do you guys feel when you get some recognition at work? I know positive reinforcement is what people need. This is why they do great scenes for me. If I can see that a girl is getting stressed out, I have her go break. Go to the bathroom, smoke a cigarette, whatever it is she feels like she needs to do to get herself together and get back in the zone. This should be a lot of fun. If it stops being fun for people that is when you should get out of it. I always say too much of anything isn’t good for you, and if you can’t handle or don’t like what’s going on than you should stop.
When people act a fool, it really just makes them look stupid. Don’t ever let another person make you lose your cool. You can always keep it together no matter what anyone else is doing or saying. Usually if you don’t respond they get even more pissed, but realize that they can’t fight with someone who won’t fight back. I am all about treating others the way that you want to be treated. Why don’t people understand this concept? It is really like talking about Karma. Why don’t we treat people like gold if that is the way that we would like to be treated? Couldn’t most agree that we would all like to be treated in some extremely nice way? This is really sinking in the more I even right about it. But it is so much to think about. It is not even just the way you treat people but also the way you talk to them. We get everything we put out, back to us like a boomerang magnet. If we know that than why do we get nasty with people? That just means we are going to have someone get nasty with us in the future. Why are some people so quick to try to tear others down? People are quick to talk about things that they don’t like in a person before they even see anything that they DO like in the person. Usually if they start off with the bad, than they have a hard time every seeing the good.
I am so glad that the world remembered Michael Jackson the way they did. The whole memorial had me so upset. The saddest part by far though was when his daughter Paris spoke. She had me balling. I am surprised that they had her talk. She did such a great job; I give her so much respect for doing that. What a brave little girl. It is so sad to know that we have lost such an iconic man. He was a legend that I loved and grew up listening too. I loved his music so much. It makes me happy to see so many people remember him for all of the wonderful things he did and not really talk too much about the negative things that he had recently gone through. Did you watch the memorial service? What were your thoughts? Leave me your comments babies, I love reading your opinions too!! ;0)
Love you all, and hope you have a fabulous day babes!

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