Posted on 01-07-2009
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Hi honeys!! It is a beautiful day. I wish I could go take my doggies on a walk but I have to get my work on! How are you all enjoying your summer? I hope you’re maxin’ and relaxin’ a little bit. Ahh I love this song. Who likes Lady Gaga here? I fucking love her. I love her music and she’s sexy as hell! I love that she wears a lot of leather. Something about it that just makes me hot!! She is featured in the July edition of Maxim. I MUST have this issue.
Oh issues, how about the issues Michael Jackson’s family is going to have. I totally bet their family fights over his money. I heard today that he left everything to his mom, kids, and 1 or more charities. His dad gets nothing. It seems like his dad couldn’t even stand him. We know he couldn’t stand his dad. But it is amazing to me. Did any of you see Joe Jackson on the BET awards? He was interviewed and asked how he was doing. His response was “Great!” Really? You just lost your son. He was like plugging his production company and talking about the things that he is working on right now. It was so uncomfortable. The guy interviewing him was expecting him to feel sad and bad but really got the complete opposite reaction. It was like he couldn’t give a shit. I was really surprised. I’m not saying that there is an appropriate amount of grieving but when asked how you’re doing to say great like nothing? That is a little questionable. Why would they think it is a good idea to have Michael’s mom take care of his kids? Isn’t she still married to his dad? Everyone knows what a shitty father he was to Michael. I just feel like the whole situation is crazy.
How many people do you know that have had their families torn apart over money? So often someone dies in the family and the rest of the people in it go ape shit. Ya know it’s funny some people say money is the root of all-evil. But it’s really the people who let money start controlling them. How do you fuck over your family for money that was never yours in the first place? Do people start to feel entitled to the money that their parents have worked hard to save up? So that when they pass on they feel like they can come in and take what they want. It is totally crazy. I really think it is crazy that Michael didn’t leave his brothers and sisters anything though. They went through so much together. I feel like you always need to take care of family. What the hell happened in that family? I wonder which one of them will write a book first? What do you guys think? Have you or anyone you know been effected by a fight in your family over money?
Omg you guys my dogs are like gang bangin’ their toy stuffed animal right now…ahhh haaa this is so funny. And they look like they are having a very good time. Thank god my babies don’t do that to each other. The stuffed animal can take it I think…lol. Have you guys ever been a part of a real gangbang or train? Did you love it; hate it, would you do it again? Ladies have you ever been apart of one? I want to know how you feel about them. Drop your comments below. Don’t forget I want to know about the dirty lives of my readers too!
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I hope you’re all a having beautiful and sexy day.

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