Posted on 28-06-2009
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Babies, how are you! I’m back in La La Land! It was hot as hell in Florida. My knees are burnt and red. They look hilarious. I was so tired and had to try to catch up on my sleep since being home. I partied my ass off. The club was packed and my shows were awesome. Thank you to all of you who came out to see me!! I love you all! But let me tell you what I fucking hate!! Tan Lines!! LOL… I wish clothing were optional at all pools. What is the fucking hang up with nudity? Every girl I know would rather have her whole body tan, than have pain in the ass tan lines. I want my tits, ass, and pussy to be just ass nice and golden brown as the rest of my body. Don’t you agree?
I have to tell you all about my plane experience. I had the most bizarre day yesterday coming home. First the woman at the ticket counter was totally rude and unprofessional with me. I had politely asked her if there was any way I could change my seat to a window seat. She quickly snapped at me that the flight was over booked. Ok now keep in mind I was asking 2 hours before the flight even was scheduled to leave. All of the passengers hadn’t even checked in yet. She didn’t get on the computer she didn’t do shit. She was just like nope, flights over booked. I told my boy in front of her that I would be filing a complaint. Due to the fact that I travel often and have never been treated so shitty in my life. I was totally pissed and ready to tell someone about it. She didn’t seem to care. I’m sure she’s had complaints before.
Just because you are completely miserable in your job doesn’t mean you should take it out on those who make it possible for you to get paid in the first place. This woman was a total bitch. Like flying isn’t stressful enough these days we have to put up with bitch ass workers who are pissed at life and would rather be anywhere other than were they are. That should be the kind of job where you need to act like a kindergarten teacher, happy and filled with positive energy. Airports don’t need any more negativity around them.
I should have taken the clue that the rest of the trip was going to be fucking wack! I get on the plane, and guess what? It’s not over booked. Quite the opposite actually. There were seats open all over that place. This was good. Even the seat next to me was open. I was so happy. Laughing to myself about the bitch at the counter but whatever. I was happy because I could move over and be near the window. But are you kidding me, I get seated next to a woman with a baby. In any other situation this would be cool. But this lady had her baby in one of those slings. This whole scenario is about to get crazy. Ok well the stewardesses are doing checks like they do. The inform the woman that she will have to have the baby on her lap and not strapped to her chest in the sling. She didn’t seem interested in anything they were saying. They asked this woman over and over. She wasn’t going to do it. She was adamant about keeping the baby in the sling. I don’t know if she didn’t want germs or what her deal was. People were feeling badly for her and understanding her just wanting to keep her baby close. But the plane started rolling and was taxiing at the runway. The pilot now came out to explain to this woman that she was going to have to put the baby on her lap or exit the plane. You guys she wouldn’t fucking do it! Are you kidding me?? There are rules on a plane that are kind of like non-negotiable. I couldn’t believe she was really doing this and putting everyone else on the plane through this too.
The pilot explained that he was going to have to turn the plane around and escort her and the baby off the plane. He also told her that if they did that than they were going to call Child Protective Services. FUCKING CRAZY! She was still refusing. MmmmmmSo that is exactly what happened. This chick must have lost her damn mind. They had to turn the plane around and bring us back so that she could be taken off the plane. Who goes through all of that? Why would you even run the risk of dealing with CPS and having them hassle you about your parenting choices. I was so concerned after this was all over. They pulled the plane back and they took her off the plan. And everyone on the plane cheered. People just wanted to get on with it and get home. It was so crazy and sad. I just hope that the baby is ok. Poor thing, it has a crazy lady for a mom…lol. It was so bizarre though I was like how the hell does this shit happen. Lol..
Anyways, I had to work all day! I was onset today shooting a scene that is kind of like Dancing with the Stars. But the porno version!! Lol. It was awesome because all of the teams are guy/girl and I am the only one who gets to get teamed up with another girl. She is a Latina girl and SO HOT! Her name is Vanessa. We were having so much fun together. It is like a full on competition to see which team will be the best and win. You know we want to win this & gues what we did!!!hahahah! Fun times! I can’t wait for you guys to see it.
Well, I hope your all having a good Monday. I hope there are no more deaths! This has been a crazy month. Did any of you watch the BET Awards last night? They did awesome tributes to Michael Jackson. I loved it!
Nighty Night Babies
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