Posted on 26-06-2009
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babies, happy Friday! How are you all feeling today? I woke up on the wrong side of the bed….lol. I love construction workers, but don’t like when they are working outside my hotel window at 8 in the morning. They woke my ass up waaaaaay to early. How annoying. Doesn’t the hotel know I need my beauty sleep? Lol. I was hoping to go lay out and catch up on my much needed zzzzz’s but it is looking a little cloudy. I forget how damn hot it gets here in florida. Which do you all prefer the hot dessert heat or the humid heat? I think I would take the humid heat over the dry. Maybe I am just biased because I love me some Florida sun! :-}
Floridians really know how to party! I’m having a blast! My first night here and I already had a little too much to drink. I woke up this morning thinking shit that was only my first night here. I need to pace myself…HA! I forgot how laid back and chill EVERYONE is even outside of the nudist resorts.
So how crazy is the energy of the world today. My heart is heavy and I am still sad and in shock. All the radio stations are playing Michael’s jams. It really brings me back to my childhood. Speaking of children. How many jokes have you guys heard about Michael so far. I’ve been getting texts all day. As much as I loved him, I can still find some humor in them. Sometimes its easier to laugh through sad times. What has been your favorite joke so far? Also what was your favorite Michael Jackson song. He was such an amazing entertainer, it is so fucking crazy that he is gone. But it is even crazier how many great songs he has sung.
Tell me everyone, what do you wear to sleep when you go to bed? I love to sleep naked. It is really hard for me when I have to actually sleep in clothes. You know my love for nudity, but sleeping naked is just so much more comfortable in my opinion. The feeling of your body against your sheets. Ahhh it feels so good just even talking about it. I’m just curious. My girl told me she had to buy her mother-in-law some pajamas. She called me and said, “CC what the hell kind of pajamas should I buy her. What kind do you think she wears?” She was totally cracking my ass up about this. She told me “I sleep fucking naked, you sleep naked, doesn’t everyone?” who needs pajamas?? Lol. We were like do people even still wear them? Kidding obviously. We know they do. But it is kind of a weird thing to buy someone if you don’t know what kind they like or what their style is. Do you buy a night gown? Or maybe a short and shirt set? Are we crazy girls who are WAY over analyizing this or what?
So I have to ask your opinion on something MEN. Please leave your opinion and comments while you’re here. Me and my homegirl where speaking on the phone today and she was telling me a story about her man. She was joking about how stuck up her ass he is. He is driving her ass crazy with the constant questioning on what she’s doing. She’s a little younger too. Guys we want to know. Why do some men like to know every move their girl is making? Is it insecurity? You don’t really trust her? Or is it because you love your lady so much and just feel like you need to know cuz your nosey…lol? Or is it more to feed your ego of knowng and controlling what your lady is doing at all times? We don’t know. We were wondering if it is done out of love or the love of control? You guys always leave really great feedback. I want to hear what you fell about this.
Ladies can you handle men questioning what you’re doing all the time? I personally know that shit gets old. I guess every guy is different. So some may be jealous and just think they can manage the chances of you cheating if they know were you are at all times. It’s crazy. And it doesn’t work! Married ladies, do your hubbies act like this? I love a man that is secure, and knows he’s the best guy out there for me!! There is something about that kind of confidence that is such a turn on. But when he proves that he IS the best that is even hotter!
So how many of you out there are in Florida. You should come visit me while I am here. I would love to see you. I’m in Stuart, Florida dancing at Paper Moon Gentlemans Club. It will be a hot weekend. Come watch me get nasty. Maybe I will get nasty with you! :-} A friend of mine even drove all the way down from Jacksonville to come see me, wasn’t that sweet! It was so great to see him. I promise that you will love my performances! It will not disappoint! So even if you don’t live super close make it a road trip to cum see me!! You will be glad you did!!
Well babies, I’ve got to turn back on some Michael Jackson jams and start getting ready for tonight!! What song should I listen to next? I have already listened to the whole greatest hits album. I never even imagined how impacted the world would be when he died. I wonder why so many music artists live such amazing lives just to have them cut so short. Well I hope he rests in peace and enjoys his happily ever after!
I’ve got to get up, but really hope to see some of you while I am here in! Grab your friends and hop in the car! Can’t wait for tonight!! I’m bringing the HOTNESS!!! Lets Go!
Love you all!!

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