Posted on 25-06-2009
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Hi babies! What a sad and shocking day! I was lying out by the pool today soaking up the HOT Florida sun when I heard about Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passing away? I for one was such a huge fan. Farrah was so beautiful and such an icon not to mention sex symbol. But Michael Jackson was my absolute favorite while I was growing up. He was such an amazing artist. I was so confused as to if he was dead or alive for a little while though. One news channel said one thing another said another. It was a little weird and confusing until the official confirmation came out. Are you guys sad about this? How did Michael or Farrah impact your life?
I always feel weird when I hear someone has passed away. There is a part of me that goes into like disbelief or something. I really didn’t believe it at first. I guess this is the denial they talk about. Maybe because it was so sudden and with the different reports I was hearing, it was easier not to believe it. I guess everything comes in 3’s though right? First Ed McMahon, then Farrah, and now Michael Jackson. It is so crazy.
How do you all feel about it? There are so many women even today that still like to wear the Farrah Fawcett hair. People absolutely loved her and her look. It is such a shame. Didn’t she have anal cancer? She seemed to hold on for a while through her battle with that dis-ease. Rest in peace Farrah you will be greatly missed. And Michael. Oh Michael, I can’t even begin to tell you how seriously obsessed I was with him. I fucking loved that guy when I was little (pre weirdo days) I along with the rest of the world probably…loll. Had the sliver glove, the jacket, the socks and shoes. I even had some of his moves…haha or at least I THOUGHT I did. I’m sure my mom wouldn’t tell me otherwise. I have always just tried to appreciate him for his music and not think too much about all the drama that has always surrounded by.
The world is going pretty crazy over it though. And I guess it is rightfully so. He had fans all over the world. And was a part of so many people’s lives. It will be really interesting if they release his health records to the public and give answers to everyone’s questions about what his health conditions really were. I heard he was planning a come back tour also. How sad for him. But he has had so many great concerts and he was a man who had so much talent. The moonwalk will forever go down in history. He was able to experience things in life people in the world only dream of. For that you cannot feel bad. He lived a very full and blessed life.
I wonder if he was truly happy? He was the perfect example of someone with all the money you would need in life, however, he still had some MAJOR issues. Why did it have to come out that he fucked around with little children? I hated all of that. It is horrible to even think about. It is crazy though no matter what he ever got accused of he still had people that would never give up their love for him. Loyal fans that would never break their loyalty to him. He was such a great performer and taught so many people about how to be a star. Most music icons have been affected by Michael Jackson, it is so amazing. I wonder who was bigger. Elvis or Michael. What do you guys think?
It’s funny to me though that they say no one will ever compare to him. I feel like they said the same thing when Elvis died too. Right, no one will ever be Michael Jackson; lord knows the world could only handle one of him. But it seems like every decade has some huge, larger than life pop star that takes over and introduces something new! It is actually pretty exciting to think about how big and great the next one will be and who it will be.
My heart breaks for the little ones though. I feel so bad for his kids though the most. It is always sad for anyone to lose a parent. I know so many people said that he was broke, and needed this tour to make some money, but I really hope those kids are set up and will be well taken care of. They will need money for some serious psychiatric help. Do you think they will still go by names like blanket? Michael was so childlike I guess it is hard for adults to understand him.
Well babies, I’ve gotta go bust out my MJ gear to go sell it on Ebay! Lol. Just playin’! It will be ridiculous though how many people will be doing this. I’m sure we are about to see some Michael Jackson collectable shit we haven’t seen in years. Who’s gonna start the bidding? Will it be you? Lol!! At least he left us with some great music to remember him by. I feel like I want to throw on some Michael music and remember him. How sad! This is really a sad day for me.
Maybe I should talk about something else. Because the more and more I talk about this the sadder and sadder I get. Cheer me up guys. Tell me some of your funny Michael Jackson stories. Did you love dancing and spinning and grabbing your dick? Tell the truth, that WAS your favorite move wasn’t it? LOL
Anyways, I’m going to go, I keep singing this in my head
One line of which has always stuck with me and I think some people are a little slow at getting it.
If you’re thinking about
Being my brother
It don’t matter
If you’re black or white
Love you babies, Live your life to the fullest! Get out there and make your dreams come true. You never know when god wants his angels!
“For when I am weak then I am strong”

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