Posted on 17-06-2009
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It’s like Whoa!!! So if there is one thing I hate, it is fucking drama. And damn is the porn industry going through it. Have any of you heard about the HIV scare that is happening in the adult industry. I feel so fortunate that I’ve have never had to experience this until now, but to be honest it really pisses me off. Especially when it starts to affect me and my money. I refuse to work until some shit gets figured out. I feel so strongly about certain issues that pertain to our business and the way things should go down in it. If some bitch wants to get out of the business and fuck who ever she wants than she should at least be smart enough to protect herself. And if you ever think you might want to get back into the business don’t be so fucking selfish that you don’t care about test results before you start shooting your scenes. It is called being RESPONSIBLE and COMMON FUCKING COURTESY. This is a business! When people don’t
follow the rules of their employer (in the corporate world) they are FIRED. Same rules should apply here. This is a serious problem and not an issue that should be taken lightly.

So basically what has happened is that this bitch was infected with HIV. She took a break from porn and then got back in the business. How it all began was when she shot a scene with a director that didn’t care to see her test results. Come to find out she WAS infected and has now just ran the risk of giving it to her co-stars. SO WRONG!! There is also another guy who has been asking girls to shoot with him also. He is on the Quarantine list. This is a list that is made up of people who come back with dirty tests. ALL TALENT in the industry needs to call and see if they are on it. When you’re on this list, you are not to work with anyone. How can people live with themselves knowing that they are jeopardizing the lives of so many people? Some of who become your friends. It really sucks that this is happening. It makes me question everything and everyone.

It’s funny that you never know whom you can really trust. And people ask why I’m not in a relationship. Ha! Do you guys have any idea how hard it its to find a guy in LA? Don’t get me wrong; I have met some great people. But it’s hard to find someone who I have that spark with. Some people are fake as hell; other people just want to fuck a porn star! And then of course the ones who act like they are cool with my job until we get together. I have already told you all about them…lol. Oh but don’t forget about the married guys who I attract like a magnet. It’s like WTF??? Why? Guys if your going to cheat on your wife or girlfriend with ME, I DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING ASS!! Sometimes I feel like I am ready to settle down and have a family. I would never tolerate feeling like I have to question if my child’s father is out fucking around on me.

I do date on occasion. Although sometimes I feel like dating is such a front. Maybe I have just been led on too often. Or maybe I am just too jaded. But seriously I have guys telling me all this shit about themselves and the way they are, only to find out after we get together that they are all lies. I’ve had guys steal from me, fuck my friends; I mean seriously I could go on and on. Lately it has been easier to be single. Give me some advice people. How do YOU GUYS tell if the ones you’re interested in are really being honest with you? Especially when you’re considering dating them. I’m totally chill with being single though, I refuse to settle until I find what I want.

Speaking of finding what I want. Why can’t finding a guy be like finding a hot outfit or a great piece of jewelry???? I have lots of luck doing that. There is nothing better than a little retail therapy. I love shopping at metaphysical shops too! I could spend hours in these types of stores. Looking through stones, books, angel cards. One of my favorite stones is Labradorite. It’s my astrological stone because I’m a Sag. I wear it often because it helps with my intuition and spiritual awakenings. I have so many rings and necklaces with this stone, I just love it. If any of you have come to see me at my signings maybe you have noticed my jewelry. There is a pretty good chance I could have been wearing some. Maybe this is how I fill the void of not being in a relationship. If I don’t have a man that buys me presents and lingerie, I guess I just figure I will go buy it my damn self. You should have seen me shopping for my new bras and
nighties. I had SO much fun. I went into Victoria’s Secret and went CRAZY. It was like I had a whole new body, it was crazy. No it was HOT. I love my titties!!! Lol.

So leave me your feed back you guys. How would you deal with this HIV situation? I get upset because so many men find it ok “to go gay for pay.” Anal sex makes the risk of HIV so much greater, and being in the gay community makes that risk even greater. I don’t even care if you have fucked them before with out a condom and you were fine. Like I said you can’t trust people like you think you can. Never take chances with YOUR own body. It is the only thing in life we have for sure. And there is nothing more precious than life. People don’t understand the true meaning of wealth until they get sick. It’s not about how much money you have; it’s about how much health you have. Without you’re health you don’t have shit so take care of yourselves people. Have all the dirty sex you want and have a cream pie for me while your at it, but please play safe in the sand box and know who your playing with!! I will be going to bed tonight
praying for those who I know are being affected by this. Please pray for them also. Love you all!



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These blogs are my opinoin. I love gay porn, I love gay boys & I myself love girls but at the end of the day men having anal sex makes u the #1 highest risk out there this is proven so dont bash me for fact. 2nd. I dont agree with crossover porn stars. Need it be girls doing bi scenes (with trannies, etc)or guys flip floping. IT isnt Fair for the 18yr old that just got into the biz that has no clue whats going on! Pure BS! I once had a director sit me down n criticise me for my decisions not to work with him. WTF? I definitley think this biz needs to be regulated on certian issuses from herion/meth users to flipflopers. Again no hard feelings to anyone but imagine your husband flip-floping on u? HOw would it make u feel to find out your husband is in West Wollywood on the weekends having unprotected sex with boys or shemales? or your wife with shemales etc…Not so happy… again I watch gay porn I think it looks hot but I not banging the guy that gets the anal creampie, thats just me…. So for all u sensitive boys…its not the fact its the “gay” issue nor am I attacking the gay community I voted to make gay marriage legal in CA. WE ALL know Its the highest risk next to blood transfusions and needle sharing. Just Keeping it real. Not tryin to be mean just real. Lets stop living in fantasy world and wake the fuck up! Realize its life! Its your body! Lets just play it safe! Remember to get tested. YOure only as good as your last test. take your partners to get tested. Its serious! SOrry if I offended any of u but hey I enjoy a slap in the face to wake my ass up!;)

I really try to shut the fuck up about issues but sometimes i end up putting my foot in my mouth later….I do have some juicy gossip but I have to save that for another time….

Apart of me doesnt enjoy hurting peoples feelings but the other personality just doesnt give a fuck! so I’ll try for as long as I can to hold it out………..


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