Posted on 14-06-2009
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Whats hotter dating a single guy? OR fucking a married man? A lot of girls enjoy fucking married men or those whom may be committed to women. Why is that? Is it because they always want more and they think they can change the guy? Lets be real momma u are just the side dish that he is enjoying until he feels guilty then wants to commit again to his wife. First off they shouldn’t even consider being with a married man because its just wrong! WTF Are you thinkin babe? He’s gonna go home to his wife, cuddle , and have dinner with her at the end of the day! WTF? I’ve definitely been there, done that not, knowing most of the time but when he never asks you to dinner and a movie! HELLO? only calls u on weekdays? hes definitely spending time with the wife & family on weekends. Now the family is beoming the issue.. Why fuck up a relationship when children are involved? its not worth it! Granted the lady should know whats goin on but let the man live the guilt of failure and his commitment issues on his own. He’s not paying u to be his psychiatrist is he? He’s just fucking u and goin about his day! You’ re just a “NUT”!Who’s the idiot now?? It’s u for the the free piece of ass on his terms! Honey its your pussy and you’re always in control don’t ever allow anyone to make you feel differently! Your body is your temple! Its ok to be the dirty tramp! afterwards take a fuckin shower and douche that pussy to get rid of all the negativity! You definitely don’t needs those attachments physically or emotionally!Clear your mind and let him go! I know u enjoy the passion, kissing, snuggling but at the end of the day its SEX! He has a wife! I’m sure he has promised u the world but hasn’t delivered on anything? Has he? What do really know about this guy? What type of soda does he drink? Does he have any dogs? where is he from? Honestly u probably couldn’t answer any of those questions because it consists of fucking & cumming! Does his stories add up? Or do u even pay attention to them? Next time pay attention and you’ll realize its all lies! Call him out on it! Lets see how he tries to manipulate you today! lol.. It will definitely become comedy hour but if you are emotionally involved u may began to hate him and realize he used u b4 u had a chance just to use his cock! How perfect is his cock? Is even big enough to satisfy u sexually or are u settling out of convenience? Lets be real there are lots of perfect cocks in this world! Maybe not perfect men but cocks are definitely something that can be replaced! Remember all things are replacelable~ So I think its def time to check out your options honey! ;)

Bitches are crazy! u gotta watch out because they will catch u n bring u down~ click the link n watch the video! craziness! people will go the extreme if u hurt their feelings! I know I have n will! lol

I know guys us Ladies aren’t always angels & sometimes u need to put us in check so…click the link to the video! This man snapped! I think its 4 real & the cop looks legit! ;) haha..

Guys I know this post was defintely “what to look out for when u aren’t sure if man is married or single” for the ladies but hey it goes for guys too! I can replace the words with pussy & women if u prefer? ;) I know most of u are deep like me so u can flow right through my silly blogs ! ;) Even a few grandmas read my posts :) which I find wonderful! Come on Granny please comment with some wise insight for all of us young heathens! I think we need it! ;)

To all the loyal guys out there! keep being u! ;) We truly appreciate loyal men!

Tell me some topics that u all wanna hear about! Ask court! lol but 4real its Sunday Funday and my brain is ticking! About to watch the game! Im torn because I’m from FLorida yet live in LA! ummm….not gonna bet on game 5 ;) Enjoy babies! kisses!

Until next time keep it Nasty for me!






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