Posted on 13-06-2009
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All right so BIGGIE was definitely right when he said Mo Money Mo Problems. Lol. I had to have a visit with my accountant. Can you say HEADACHE!!! I’m going to smile and breath because I’m telling you; it’s been quite a week! I’m going to do some reading and meditating and get clear J. How are you guys?? Is the world treating you well? Lets be glad that the weekend is here! Whoo whoo. So my boys this blog is for you. These blogs are turning out to be pretty therapeutic for me. Who knew? I hope you guys like reading more about me and my personal life.

So here’s the deal. If it’s not happening to me it’s happening to one of my friends in the industry. Guys, it’s no surprise that a lot of you love us girls in porn! However, if we ever start dating and getting serious with you, almost immediately you start trippin’ over our profession! Now all of the sudden you are jealous, NOW you hate our JOB, you need to know everything about our day, and now you expect us to quit or else. Are you fucking kidding me? Don’t you think this is a lot of demands before a ring has even been placed on a finger. Or talks of a ring have even began?? Guys if we started doing everything you wanted us to we would be chained to the kitchen naked for cooking and fucking purposes only…lol.

Are we not the same girls you thought you were so in love with before we got with you? Lets get this straight. Do you want to give us a new life plan? Are you going to plan our next career move? Or do you not really give a shit where we work as long as it’s not porno? Imagine we’ve been in a “Serious” relationship for 3 months. You’re ready to tell me to quit my job and that you hate it, are YOU guys ready to pay our bills than?

Yeah bills, ya know those things WE ALL HAVE that come into your mailbox everyday. I personally have a ton of overhead. I work hard so I can take care of myself and family as much as possible. “Quit your job or we’re breaking up” is what we usually hear in a nutshell!! Really?? Alright Mr. Money Bags, pay my fucking bills then. But really tell me. So you love to fantasize about us, and you know you love to fuck us, but you can’t handle what we do for a job?? You were completely aware of what we did before you chose to start spending so much time with us. Oh but it’s all fun and games in the beginning. Right? It’s good while your getting your dick sucked too. Right? Yeah, but it’s until you fall in love.

Are we in love with people or are we in love with power? When you can’t handle that someone won’t do what you want them to. It makes it seem like a bit of a power trip to me. You can only be happy with us when you see us doing what you want us too? Well not this girl!! Been there, done that!! Which is why I am still single, sexy and sweet! Making MY OWN MONEY J I wouldn’t even want to stop working, and have to rely on someone else to live. I’m an independent woman and proud of it! You know what though? I love it when people have a problem with porn stars in general.

Riddle me this…lol. Sex/Fucking/Banging/love making, whatever you want to call it, is done by everyone everywhere right?? Well you know what I mean, mostly everyone everywhere. And funny enough most people are pretty pissed at life if they haven’t gotten off or fucked for a while. So we’ve established that EVERYBODY HAS SEX, we know that MOST PEOPLE LOVE SEX, and feel they must have it on a regular basis in their personal lives. So tell me this, did we not grow up hearing from our parents and teachers to “Do what YOU LOVE in life and the money will follow?? I know that’s what I was told. Well teach, guess what I love to do? Fuck and get fucked!! Lol… Do the rules change then? Does that wonderful quote that has been passed on from generation to generation get thrown out the window?? Lol…. I do what I love. And I love what I do! I’m sorry but lets really just talk about what it is we do. Think about it. I get paid to
orgasm, HELP YOU orgasm, and look hot while I orgasm!! J For a horny girl who likes to fuck, how great does that sound. Ha Ha! Being a porn star can also be a very freeing experience. It’s really all about how you look at it! Ya know are you a half full or half empty person?

Guys let me make something CRYSTAL CLEAR. If you ever have the opportunity to date a porn star. Be happy, be excited, you’re a lucky person. We are (well most of us) great people wanting to have a great life! What we do is only a JOB! To make that money honey!! I promise we don’t fall in love with every person we work with, they are just that co-workers. Do you have to be in love to have an orgasm? I know I don’t. Do you guys fall in love with all of your co-workers every time you work together? NO. It seems a little bit like insecurity in my opinion.

So somebody please tell me, if you’re a guy or girl and have dated or would date a porn star. How do you feel about it? Can you handle it when feelings become involved?

I love this topic so I really look forward to hearing some opinions on it!! All I know is that I have been through a lot in my life so far. A boyfriend of mine was murdered (something that still taunts me to this day), and it really taught me a lot about the things that are important in life. All we need is love babies and the rest is bull shit!! Focus on what you love about the person you’re with!! Things will start changing before you know it with them, if you quit being so fuckin demanding!!

Peace and Love


Quote for the Day. “Don’t take life to seriously, You will never get out alive”
~Van Wilder

I hope u enjoyed the new scene today!

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