Posted on 09-06-2009
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Hey Babies!! What’s up? I hope you’re all enjoying your day!! It’s Trashy Tuesday bitches, what’s on your mind?? Ha Ha!! I hope you’re enjoying my blogs! I’m having a lot of fun writing them! What I love the most though, is the interaction with you all! So keep leaving me your feedback! I want to know what’s on YOUR dirty little minds too!

So I want to address the questions people ask me most on my www.Myspace.com/CourtneyCummzXXX and www.Twitter.com/CourtneyCummz . One being how do YOU get into porno industry? Well, the best way is to send me videos of your performances. This will give me to see what you’re all about and how dirty you can be. I won’t lie; you know I enjoy watching them too! I’m such a perv I know, but there is something about watching fresh meat that really turns me on! Lol. (Please send all videos to 22425 Ventura Blvd. #353 Woodland Hills, Ca). But if you’re going to send them, please take into consideration that if we decide to work with you, you will need to be able to get yourself to California to do most of our shoots. If you’re here locally, that’s great too. Still send me your videos and don’t forget to add your contact information.

So men I have a question for you! What’s with all the popping of the little blue pills? Yeah you know what I’m talking about! I don’t get it, are you trying to numb yourself of all feeling in life? I mean shit; there are pills out there for everything. Now I get it for older men who have problems getting hard. Who could live without being able to have an orgasm? We all know not ME!!! But I’m talking about the other ones. Guys whom CAN NATURALLY get hard. Do you just want to be able to fuck for hours? Because let me tell you what I want. I want you in and I want you out. Lol.. It’s not about how long you can go for! A 4-hour fucking marathon everyday!! No thanks! I’ve got shit to do!! Haha! I would be pretty confident to say that most women wouldn’t want this either. Now please don’t get it twisted SOME TIMES is great!! But if you’ve got pill dick every single night and are looking to take it out on some poor
unsuspecting person. Do them a favor and warn their ass!! They are in for a long night!! Lol.. I just have WORDS OF CAUTION! Don’t become so dependent on these pills that you can no longer get hard without them! Trust me, I’ve seen it happen! But I guess this is what I want to know, are you guys just so jaded from pussy that you have to take these pills every time you get near one?? Lets get real; FUCK A PILL I get horny while eating sushi. Lol. It’s a total aphrodisiac for me! Do you know what I mean?? Do you guys notice which foods make you hotter? What are they? I have heard people say oysters or chocolate. I don’t know but either way I like it!!

Oh btw everyone I have launched my new website www.CourtneysAnalInvasion.com
Have you checked it out yet?? You will loooooove! Trust!

So do you know what I am totally obsessed with? The show Big Love! It is great; do any of you watch it? Does me being a swinger give me an option to become a Mormon? Do you have to be Mormon to be a polygamist? Do you know what I really want to see? I want to see the wife’s fucking each other on the show. Wouldn’t that be hot! I could totally live like this. I could be a Mormons wife…haha! But you know I would want the girls too! Talk about a boost to the male ego while having 3 wives. I guess I am all about EQUALITY. Whatever he has, I want also! I told you I want the world!! Lol.. I love their living situation but I think that if there are 2 girls left out at the end of the night, than they should be able to get together and fuck each other. Like I said EQUALITY!! Lol. The huge back yard that extends 3 houses with one big huge fence. That is fantastic! What a dream for the kids. They’re like one big happy fucking family.
Literally!! Haha!! I also love the way they do their hair and dress. Seriously you guys I know, I’m crazy, but its just one of those things that just fascinates me! This is just like a religious open relationship. Of course they are going to throw their politics in there: You may have a million wives. This because it’s such a great idea to get married right? Wrong! This is so I guess you don’t have a million kids out there “ecchhemmm” with no daddies! Being raised by single mothers. This is a religious way to have your cake and eat it too. Polyandry is the term for women with more that one husband, how come we don’t hear about that. Could you even imagine? What do you guys think about polygamy and open relationships? Would you be able to be one of the wives? Would you be able to be one of 3 husbands? I love the sound of that! Lol.. 3 men to make sure I’m satisfied at all times. Sounds like a princess’s dream!

Now taking applications to find 3 husbands…haha! Would you like to be one? Maybe I should make that 2 husbands and a wifey, I can’t discriminate against my lovely ladies.

Well you guys, that’s enough good girl talk for one day, I’m in the mood to get dirty. Come get dirty with me at www.courtneycummzdirtythoughts.com

I love you babies, and ya know somethin’ put a smile on that face today!



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